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Member Showcase - CMP Spotlight - September 2023

By: Connie Bergeron, CMP | Sep 12, 2023





Chris Yueh, CMP

Chris Yueh, Director of Programs| Philanthropy Southeast


What motivated you to pursue the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation?

Since event management was a change in career scope for me, I believed an accreditation such as the CMP would enhance my skills as a meeting planner and help with the achievement of my career goals. 

How did participation in the CMP Study Group support your studying to take the exam? 

Participation in the CMP study group motivated me to keep up with my reading of the study materials so that I could actively participate and contribute to each weekly study group session. Being in the CMP Study Group held me accountable, especially on the dates when I was assigned to create a weekly practice quiz.

How did you feel when you saw the words "You Passed"?

I felt relief and pride when I saw the words on the screen.

What benefits have you experienced as a result of having your CMP? 

I am more confident in my skills as a meeting planner. Having my CMP designation has definitely helped me find my voice to share my thoughts during strategic planning sessions. Also, having my CMP has given me more confidence when considering next steps to advance my career.

Does having your CMP designation enhance your position as a knowledgeable industry expert?  

 Yes, I am certain it has, and internally, I am more confident.  Having dedicated the time to learning the body of event management knowledge in preparation for the CMP Exam gives me a perspective that I would not have otherwise.

Do you find information you learned while studying to take the exam helpful in your positions since earning your CMP and are you able to use some of the formulas, etc., to help your meetings go well? 

Yes, it has been helpful. I can't recall every formula, but I know where to find the answers. I know what data to reference to save time and money when planning meetings and events. 

Reflecting on the time since you achieved the CMP designation, was it a good use of your time and resources to take that step? 

I understand everyone's exam preparations are different. However, the CMP Study Group was instrumental in holding me accountable and motivated me to keep up with my studying throughout my preparation. 

What words of encouragement would you have for future CMP candidates?  

It's never too late!

LAST CALL for 2023 CMP Study Group!

If you have earning your CMP designation on your 2023 "to do" list, please email Gregg Lauer, CMP at and Connie Bergeron, CMP at to let us know.  The CMP Information Session for the final CMP Study Group this year is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5, and all Study Group sessions are held on Zoom.  For any questions regarding CMP requirements, please visit the MPI Georgia Chapter link or call Connie Bergeron, CMP, at 404.819.0891.



Connie Bergeron CMP Headshot 2
Connie Bergeron, CMP

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