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Top Performing Chapter Award



Sponsor Spotlight - Pamela Shepherd, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

By: Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM | Oct 7, 2019


Pamela Shepherd, CIS, CHSC
National Director, Hotel Sales, Southeast
Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

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Let’s get to know Pam…

I am a Hoosier by birth, but an Illini at heart. Being a Hoosier comes in handy around Memorial Day as I am an avid fan of the Indy 500 and have plans to return again in May 2020. My first industry job after graduating from the University of Illinois (proudly a Fighting Illini Cheerleader) was in Richmond, Indiana. It is a dot on the map… the east side of the state bordering Ohio. I worked for a “truck-stop” Holiday Inn in 1988. Yes, I have quite a few stories I can tell over a glass of wine. It was here where my introduction to MPI began. I was a member of the Indiana Chapter before moving to Michigan when I became a member of their chapter and served as a board member from 1994 to 1995.

The MPI Georgia chapter became my home in 1997 when I moved to Atlanta and walked into my first meeting at the Woodruff Performing Arts Center. I told the Chapter President (I think it was Carrie Hurd) that I wanted to get involved.  The next thing I knew, I was the VP of Membership from 2000 to 2002. These days I volunteer with the Membership & Mentoring committees. Also, I have been very active with other industry associations through the years: PCMA Southeast President 2006, HSMAI Georgia President 2008 & 2009, and SITE Southeast President 2018. However, I still find that MPI is the “mother ship” and where I find my roots. I have been blessed to be recognized with a number of Phoenix Awards which seem to keep me coming back for more.

· President’s Award (2016)

· Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)

· Sponsor of the Year – Aruba CVB (2009)

· Committee of the Year – Summer Educational Alliance Host Committee (2008)

· Special Project of the Year – Summer Educational Alliance (2004)

· Supplier of the Year (2000)

My passion for travel had me collecting an odd assortment of beverage containers from the many countries I have visited. First, it was Hard Rock Shot Glasses (at one point I had about 28), but as my liver matured, the focus changed to Starbucks’ mugs. Now, however, I am most passionate about collecting friends – all over the world.

Why I love what I do: There is no city on this planet like Los Angeles. Over 100 countries represented, over 240 languages spoken, and the home of sports legends, Hollywood legends, medical marvels, and technology firsts. Sunny days and blue skies…majestic mountain tops and magnificent ocean vistas. LA has everything for everybody. Over 450+ miles to inspire you – that’s what I love about what I do.

Best Practices: Plan ahead = Stay ahead. Be organized and look at your calendar daily, but look not just at today – look at the next 30 days so you can be most effective and use each day wisely. Also, play devil’s advocate with yourself. Know the negative questions or feedback that might arise and understand potential road blocks or obstacles so that you will be prepared.

Favorite Quote: If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

Next Big Vacation: A Viking Cruise on the Danube River in August 2020 with my mom & dad, brother & sister, and spouses.

How would my co-workers describe me? The Energizer Bunny

What is my biggest pet peeve? Tardiness is #1. Lack of commitment or broken promises. If you say you are going to do something – do it.

When I’m not in the office: I’m at Orange Theory.

If I was not in the hospitality industry: I would be a museum curator. I had wanted to study history and work in a museum. I would curate amazing exhibits and produce gala events/fundraisers in and around the beauty of a museum.

What brings me the greatest joy? My boys, Hunter (22) and Dylan (20) – Ole Miss Rebels and proud ATOs.





Megan Perks
Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM

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