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Sponsor Spotlight - Schellie and William Hogan, Far out Galaxy

By: Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM | Oct 12, 2021


Shellie and William Hogan
Owners and Artists AKA Party Pros
Far Out Galaxy
RObot Booth + DJ Cuttlefish




Far Out Galaxy is a Collective of Creatives and Event Industry Professionals based in Atlanta with over 13+ years in the business. Far Out Galaxy is made up of Robot Booth, DJ Cuttlefish, and our photography and cinematography brands that specialize in weddings – Six Hearts Photography and Squid Wed Films. When working with MPI Professionals, Robot Booth and DJ Cuttlefish are the fan favorites for special events.

Robot Booth is Atlanta’s highest rated photo booth rental, making us number one and the most loved. We specialize in corporate and social events where quality and experience matters. With only the best innovation, team, and equipment, we are the top choice for many fortune 500 companies and planners in the industry

DJ Cuttlefish is a team of top event DJs in Atlanta, GA, with a specialty of giving you and your guests the feels on the dance floor.

Let’s hear from Schellie + William about what makes Far Out Galaxy such an exciting company. 

What makes guests so enthused about the new Robot Booths? We are not a franchise but instead enjoy our uniqueness. We build our own booths and code our own  software – creating a unique photo booth experience that not only encourages user interaction and inspires brand engagement, but is an experience you won’t find elsewhere. We give you full control by eliminating the count down. You take your own photo when you’re ready with a Clicker and then use our Custom Software to build your own photo strip by picking your favorites. Users love the power and the experience that Robot Booth gives them - it’s a lot of the reason we’re Atlanta’s highest rated and most booked photo booth – that along with our superb customer service and many other reasons! You can’t find what we offer elsewhere – it doesn’t exist.

Robot Booth focuses on quality. We are the only photo booth in Atlanta that is designed by an award-winning photography graduate. Using many years of lighting study and numerous photography secrets, in addition to high end components, our photo booths produce the highest quality images all while making you look better and feel better. It’s hard to explain how Robot Booth works so we made the video at the top of our website. It’s impossible to explain how it makes you feel.

When one of your professionals from DJ Cuttlefish takes the stage, what can party go’ers expect? We specialize in giving guests the feels on the dance floor. Our DJs at DJ Cuttlefish are all party artists and professionals that love music, events, and people equally. With an understanding of music and people, and how to put the two together, they provide a wide genre of style that fits everyone and know how to please a crowd. Party goers can expect their earthly expectations to be transcended and to “boogie woogie” down.

You are both seasoned photographers. How did you get into the industry? There’s a statistic out there that says some large percentage of all money made from photography comes from the wedding industry, so William, who was in school for Fine Art Photography, naturally decided to follow the money and began as a wedding photographer in 2007 under the brand Famous William. He met Schellie, who was in school for photography, in 2012 in the Robot Booth at an adult prom. Robot Booth was still known as Famous William photo booth at the time. They got married 18 days later and grew the brand together!

If you weren’t in the events industry… We’re photographers through and through. If we weren’t photographers in the events industry, we would be photographers in some other field. If photography wasn’t a thing (what a sad, sad world), William would be a pilot and Schellie honestly has no clue but would find her way with some medium of art.

How did you get involved in MPI Georgia? We love networking events! The bulk of our Robot Booth bookings became corporate around 9 years ago so we were seeking out more corporate oriented organizations to add to the wedding networking events we were already attending. The very first MPI event we found ourselves at, maybe 4 years ago, was one we had heard about that same day. We showed up without tickets and they let us register and pay at the entrance to join the event. The food was delicious and the crowd was exactly what we were looking for - corporate planners in suits. We started going to as many meetings as possible after then and it’s become our favorite organization out of the ones we participate in - don’t tell the others.

What are the top three items you pack in your carry-on when heading to the airport?
Schellie:  Sony noise cancelling headphones (gotta make and take those calls), a battery (because we usually spend the entire day on the go and away from wall outlets), and as many clothes as I can fit.
William:  Socks, Bathing Suit, Water Bottle

Pen and paper or iPad? How do you get your work done when you’re on the road?
Schellie:  Phone! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that I do literally everything on – even when I’m sitting at home on my comfy couch.
William:  Spreadsheets printed and pens. Our company does own 20+ iPads, but they are all out in the field.

Picture4 Picture5  Picture6
 Wooden and White Robot Booth Face each other  Robot Booth's Custom Software  DJ Cuttlefish packing the dancefloor at Foxhall Resort

Click here to learn more about hi-tech and hi-touch opportunities to enhance your next corporate or social event. Need more information? Contact Schellie directly.



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Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM

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