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Student Membership


Why Students Should Join MPI Kansas City…


Scholarship Opportunities (towards membership fees)

Networking Opportunities with future peers and employers; build friendships

Internship Opportunities

Increased Visibility and Credibility

Great affiliation to add to your resume

MPI Meeting Professionals – MPI’s monthly magazine (excellent source for up to date industry information and trends)

Increase your knowledge of industry terms

Opportunity to practice classroom theories in the real world

Learn the ethics of the industry

Attend local, regional, national and international programs & conferences including PEC and WEC

Gain valuable meeting planning experience

Most of all, having fun as you set the groundwork for your future!


How do I join?

Go to www.mpiweb.org/Membership/JoinMPI

Click on “Join MPI”

Click on “Create a new account”

Printed applications can be submitted by mail to:

Meeting Professionals International

P.O. Box 842439

Dallas, TX 75284-2439

T: 972-702-3053

F: 972-702-3065


Qualifications for student membership:

Student memberships are available to those individuals enrolled in a post-secondary academic program. The student must be enrolled in a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate program unless the academic institution defines it otherwise. Proof of enrollment must be received at MPI before a student can be accepted into membership and upon renewal to retain their student membership. Student membership fees are $40 per membership year. Students are eligible for the student-in-transition program upon graduation. This allows students to grow incrementally from your current student membership rate to the full membership rate over a period of 3 years.

For questions, please contact:

Ellen Sherman, VP of Communications + Student Liaison 

Student In Transition Program

Graduating Student Members: This special plan is to allow you to grow incrementally from your current student membership rate to the full membership rate over a period of three years. We understand the relationships you build and the knowledge you gain as you enter the meeting and event industry are critical for your success, and we want to be there for you.

If you have recently graduated and your MPI student membership is about to expire, you can take advantage of this special program.

Student-In-Transition FAQ


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