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The Mentoring Relationship

The mentor is someone who provides guidance to a mentee through a process of discussion, Q&A, advice, reflection and feedback.

In 2021 we've launched a new initiative to match each new student member with a mentor. Because of this, we are on the hunt for people such as yourself to join our new mentorship program.

What's expected?

• Both parties will be contacted once a match is confirmed.
• Following the mentee assignment, the Mentor will make initial contact to schedule the first zoom/call/meeting.
• We recommend connecting 3-4 times over the next 6 months. How, where, and when you meet is up to you.
• Following the 1st Meeting, it is the responsibility of the mentee to drive the future discussion topics.
• We recommend hosting the mentee at an upcoming MPI event if it works in your schedules and the mentee can attend. Should the mentor be unable to attend, they will find a fellow MPI member to host their mentee at an event. 

Still interested?

Please fill out the survey here

Questions? Reach out to ellen@platinumxp.com

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