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Clock Hours/Continuing Education Units

What is the CIC’s Preferred Provider Program?

The CIC launched the Preferred Provider Program in 2015. Organizations that offer continuing education activities that have been pre-approved for CMP recertification credits are listed in the Preferred Provider Directory.

If the continuing education activity has been pre-approved through the CMP Preferred Provider Program your attendance will be automatically loaded into your online profile and credit will be given for attendance. The email address you provide the host organization must match the email address in your online profile for the information to be transferred. Host organizations that participate in the Preferred Provider Program will indicate on their materials which activities have been approved for CMP credit. If your email address does not match, you can still receive credit by self-reporting your attendance.

You do not need to attend only pre-approved activities to receive credit on your recertification application. As long as the activity’s learning objectives can be aligned with one of the ten domains in the CMP International Standards, you will receive CMP credit. For all activities you self-report, make sure to upload your registration information as well as a course description into your application.

What is the difference between a clock hour and a continuing education unit?

Clock hours are regulated by the Convention Industry Council (CIC). If you are applying for the CMP program or recertifying, and need more information on how to calculate your credits according to your situation, please visit

How do you convert your existing CEU credits into clock hours?

Clock Hours have replaced what were formerly known as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for various industry certifications.

How many annual clock hours are required for certification or re-certification?

Per the 2012 CIC CMP Handbook, in order for the continuing education to qualify it must directly relate to at least one of the key domains of the CMP-International Standards (CMP-IS). The CMP-IS is the body of knowledge for the CMP examination. It is not required that you have education in all domain areas. Internal training may qualify if it relates to the CMP-IS.

A complete description and learner outcomes must be provided from the organization in order to be considered for credit. To receive credit, applicants must complete the information on their certification application and provide documentation verifying attendance for each continuing education component.

Acceptable forms of documentation are the following:

  • Registration confirmation
  • Payment Receipt
  • Organization transcript
  • Certificate of completion
  • Badge or on-site program
  • Course information (such as a course description, learner outcomes, course handouts, etc.

Note: Clock hours are the direct amount of time spent in the classroom/session (1 hour in session = 1 clock hour).

  • CEUs conversion = 0.1 CEU is equivalent to 1 clock hour.

CEUs to Clock Hours Conversion Chart

Length of Instruction

60 Minutes

90-120 Minutes

121-180 Minutes

181-240 Minutes


.1 CEU

.2 CEU

.3 CEU

.4 CEU

Clock Hours

1 Clock Hour

1.5-2 Clock Hours

2.5-3 Clock Hours

3.5-4 Clock Hours


  • Live and On-Demand webinars can be used towards continuing education hours.
  • The specific name of each educational session/course must be supplied. Providing the name of the annual meeting or conference will not be accepted.
  • Specific dates of attendance must be supplied. Submitting a range of dates will not be accepted.
  • Only the major domain area needs to be provided on the application.
  • Networking receptions and meal functions without an educational component do not qualify for continuing education hours.
  • Exhibit hall hours do not count toward continuing education hours.


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