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MPI Pittsburgh Committees

"Empowering Change, One Committee at a Time: Join Us Today!"

If you've landed on this page, we're betting it's because you might be interested in joining one of our committees – that's great!

We've found that members who volunteer on a committee find more value and connection in their membership. It's also a fantastic way to gain new skills and grow professionally.

Below are a few of the responsibilities and opportunities involved with each committee. Interested? Email the VP listed to learn more about volunteering with MPI Pittsburgh. We'd love to have you!


Committee opportunities:

  • Membership Ambassadorwelcome & support registration by acknowledging new members, vendors, and sponsors. Introduce new members and first-time attendees to long-standing members and board members (three hours per month)

  • New Member Acquisition: Reach out to potential new members to garner interest in becoming a new member (one hour a month)

  • Brown Bag Luncheons: Assist in the facilitation of quarterly brown bag luncheons (three hours per quarter)

Contact: Melissa Hickman

Vice President of Membership


Committee opportunities:

  • Registration Command: Tasked with running the registration desk at monthly events. Cross-compare the pre-registration list with attendees as they arrive, take on-site registrations using the Square app, and ensure badges are passed out on arrival. Arrives on-site 45 minutes before event start time. (two hours per month)

  • Raffles: Solicit raffle sales at monthly events (one hour per month)

  • Audience Engagement: Responsible for adding a new interactive and engagement element to each of our events (two hours per month)

Contact: Aliza Rutledge

Vice President of Events


Committee opportunities:

  • Gift Procurement: Source speaker gifts for education events (ongoing)

  • Partnership Liaison: Solicit annual partnerships (ongoing)

Vice President of Finance & Strategic Partnerships


Committee opportunities:

  • Newsletter Columnist: Write a monthly column for the newsletter on an industry topic of interest (one hour per month)

  • Reel Editor: Create reels following monthly events to be posted on social channels. Creativity is encouraged! (one hour per month)

  • Event Photographer: Take photos and videos of the event to be used on social media accounts and newsletters

  • Publication Liaison: Submit monthly events for inclusion on local publication calendars of events

Vice President of Marketing & Communications


Committee opportunities:

  • CMP Study Group: Assist in the creation of questions for the CMP practice exam(one hour per month)
Contact: Kristen Turner

Vice President of Professional Development




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