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Summer Connects 2021 Newsletter

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Spotlight: MPISSN Member Marques Davison


By: Lauren Siring, CMP, CGMP | Jul 19, 2021

For anyone who’s had the pleasure to have a conversation with fellow member Marques Davison you’ll know him to be a dynamic personality.  Marques is an incoming board member for MPISSN and brings his creativity and passion to our chapter.  As your Director of Member Recruitment and Retention, we thought to share a bit more about Marques in this issue of Connects.

Tell us about your role at the Capitol Event Center (MPISSN)

I am the events director, AV specialist and any other job you can imagine it takes to run an event center. We have a staff of 1 and that is me.

What do you like the most in what you do?

I believe I am a community builder and there is nothing better that puts a smile on my face than helping the community directly. The chance to work with so many associations and organizations directly and make a difference in whatever small way I can is an everyday joy.

How is it you got into meeting industry, and how have you been involved in the industry?

When I was 5yrs old my grandmother was a fashion designer and would gather family to rent out hotels and provide showcases. This early education into the tradeshow style atmosphere influenced  me to be a Master of Ceremonies and performing artist. Naturally this led to many opportunities in planning and coordinating large scale events throughout High school and college. Upon graduation I began to provide workshops for college and high school counselors. I often say I wear 2 hats in the industry. Under one hat I operate as a live sound engineer, AV and IT technician and venue operator. Under the other hat I provide Workshops, presentations, training sessions. Some days I don’t know if I am involved in the industry or the industry evolved me.  

What would you be doing if you hadn’t found a career in hospitality?

Good question. I guess I would be a ornery road manager/sound engineer.

What has helped you to be successful in your career?

!X (Ethnic Theater Workshop). !X is a pedagogy that was developed by a group of classmates and our mentor that puts in practice an awareness of each person's ethnicity and individuality. We then translate that awareness into education and everyday practice to build a stronger community.  

Tell us about your Rising Star you were honored with in 2020, and what benefits have you seen from this achievement?

The rising star award is a very special award to me. I wouldn’t view the benefits as an individual measurement or anything I could quantify. I believe the award is an award that is best explained by acknowledging all of the mentors in the MPISSN chapter that I have had the privilege of listening to speak and watch lead. The MPISSN chapter is full of experienced and talented individuals. I was just lucky enough to listen and be a part of the process.

What advice do you have for those that are interested in getting involved and what committee plans are you excited about in the year ahead as the Director of Member Recruitment and Retention in the year ahead?

I sat in the back of a crab feed as my first event and first introduction into MPI entirely. I was very intimidated by the atmosphere and the friendships that I saw that were such a special bond. There was this camera guy (We all know it was Steve) that sat at the table with me. It was just us. I asked the same question. What advice would you have for me? He said “join a committee as a volunteer.” Volunteer for something that looks fun to you and it will give everyone a chance to get to know you. He was 100% right. I got to know people in a smaller setting and eventually built those bonds and relationships I had seen. 

What value do you see in giving your time to MPISSN and what can others gain from participating?

I view my time volunteering as an opportunity to share experience. In my view everyone's experiences have value. When you share experiences from a diverse and inclusive group, I believe it makes organizations and communities a more inclusive and equitable space. A Diverse, Equitable and inclusive environment leads to great individual experiences.   

Are you a volunteer for any other organizations beyond MPISSN?

I volunteer for MPI global on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory committee.  Locally I volunteer for The Sacramento Poetry Center & The Artist of Sacramento.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot or hobby?

I have 2. When staying close to home I vacation in the North Bay/Napa Valley area. Other than that, Vegas is home away from home.  My favorite hobby is writing.


Thank you Marques for sharing a little bit more about yourself with us today!  (And thank you Lauren Siring, CMP - and our President-Elect for interviewing Marques for this member spotlight!)

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Lauren Siring
Lauren Siring, CMP, CGMP
Senior Business Development Executive at Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau


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