2025 Board Nomination & Application Open
April 18, 2024 - May 14, 2024
Apply for the Board or Nominate a Colleague today!
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MPI-VA is Accepting Annual Conference Session Proposals
April 30, 2024
Join us as a speaker in Charlottesville August 5-7, 2024.
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MPI Virginia Past Presidents


2022-2023Steve Tewksbury, CMP
2021-2022Laurie Campbell
2020-2021Lisa Meriwether
2019-2020Brittany Alger
2018-2019Linne DiIorio, CMP
2017-2018Connie Brewer
2016-2017Jeff Schmid
2015-2016Jeff Schmid
2014-2015Ariel Cole, CMP
2013-2014Jeannie M. (Wolf) Power, CMP
2012-2013Ann Buhl, CMP, CMM
2011-2012Stacy L. Harvey, CMP, CMM
2010-2011Kristy Archer Geiger, CMM, CMP
2009-2010Donna Carver-Bolan
2008-2009Stephen Scarborough
2007-2008Anita Chapman, CMP
2006-2007Lauran Dangler
2005-2006Abby Sipe Tammen, CMP
2004-2005Allan Bull, CMP
2003-2004Linda Butterfield, CMP
2002-2003Sandee Swearingen
2001-2002Jo Heath
2000-2001Cathy Drewry
1999-2000Jeff Buchko / Judy Smith, CMP
1998-1999Judi Dellinger
1997-1998Robin Branscome
1996-1997Beth Bickford
1995-1996Cecil Bailey, CMP
1994-1995Christi Ruddy, CMP
1993-1994Crystal Schooff
1992-1993Peggy Tucker, CMP
1990-1991David Ottaway, CMP, CAE
1990-1991Dave Phillips, CMP
1989-1990Dan Dumouchelle
1988-1989Doris Taylor
1986-1989Jan Allen

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