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Membership Grants

The Chicago Area Chapter of MPI offers membership grants throughout the year.  If awarded, MPI Chicago Area will pay for the membership dues for the recipient for 1 year.


Application Guidelines:

  1. Grants will be awarded to an applicant no more than once per three years.
  2. Annual membership grants will be paid directly to recipients upon receipt of proof of payment to MPI within the fiscal year that the membership grant is awarded. Recipients will be responsible for their own membership application and renewal fees.
  3. The recipient must agree to submit an article, which may be published in one of the Chapter’s communication vehicles (newsletter, e-newsletter, website), about an educational session attended and/or beneficial experience of membership within 60 days of receiving the scholarship.
  4. The recipient must agree to become an active member on a committee within 4 months of receiving the grant and remain active for 12 months.
  5. An application may be resubmitted for each deadline.
  6. The grants are determined by a Grant Selection Sub-Committee.
  7. All recipients will be notified by phone then email three weeks following the deadline date. Those not awarded funding will be notified by email.
  8. All recipients will provide permission to MPI-CAC to use and publish their names as part of the announcement of the grant program.


Deadlines and Details:

Grants will be award in the amount of current dues (renewal or new, as appropriate) and may be awarded over each of four (4) application periods per fiscal year for Meeting Professionals International Annual Memberships.


Grant Application DeadlineNumber of Grants Awarded
Summer - July 153 Professional Members
Fall - October 153 Professional Members
Winter - January 153 Professional Members
Spring - April 153 Professional Members


Although the chapter has funds allocated to support the above grants, grants may not be awarded at the full value and all grants may not be awarded during a year. The Grant Selection Committee will make all decisions regarding the awards and will notify applicants of the status three weeks following the application deadline.

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