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MPI-CAC Winter Knowledge Share Expands to Two Locations

By: Heather Warthen, H1 Marketing & Events | Jan 21, 2019

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Lessons in leadership, management highlight Jan. 16 event

Learning how to bridge the expectation gap and utilizing creative leadership was the focus of MPI-CAC Winter Knowledge Share city edition Wednesday, Jan. 16, at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago.

The event featured a presentation by Lindsay Charlet, creative director and founder of HUB Collective, a design agency in Portland, Oregon.

At the suburban event, held at the OLC in Rosemont, I presented on leadership for new managers.

Below is a Q&A with Charlet, discussing her presentation on leadership and what they are doing at HUB.

Heather Warthen (HW): What are some of the “different” things you are doing at HUB? What successes have you seen?

Lindsay Charlet: One of the different things we are doing at HUB is allowing people to be fully themselves at work. That includes me as a leader. I don’t hide things from my team. If there is something difficult going on in the studio, I might not go into details, but I don’t hide it. If I am stressed in my personal life, I share with my team that things are stressful at home and it has nothing to do with them. We never really grow up — we all need reassurance and we all need to be seen.

HW: What led you to practicing creative leadership with HUB?

LC: I was uncomfortable all the time as a leader. When there was a challenge, I wanted to run away. It was terrifying. I would weigh my options of fight, flight or freeze and as a leader — fight was the only option. I turned into an angry person and it didn’t align with my values or my personality. I knew I could do better and feel better.

HW: How did you learn to recognize pain points and adjust your leadership style?

LC: It took a long time to begin to recognize the signs before it took me over. I learned that when I started to get angry, I needed to pause until I could get curious. Anger is an amazing motivator signaling that something is wrong. Our bodies are filled with wisdom. I am passionate about learning and understanding what motivates us as humans. Once I get curious — then I can connect with the person, and investigate and learn. It’s moving out of reaction and into responding. It feels much better.

HW: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in leadership at HUB?

LC: The lesson that stands out the most is: asking for help. I surround myself with experts to help me with all the things that I don’t know how to do. It’s wonderful and amplifies up my learning, which is one of my motivators. I was an only child and spent a lot of time alone. I now have the permission slip to not have to do anything by myself. It’s magical.

HW: What’s the best piece of leadership advice you’ve received?

LC: My marketing professor, my senior year of college, required this as the last question to every week’s test: “The greenhorn is the ultimate victor in every occasion.” This means if you go in to every situation with a novice’s open eyes and mind — the world will delight in you and share with you everything — ultimately putting you ahead. It’s proven to be true.

About the Author: Warthen is Chief Events Officer for 22nd Century Media, an award-winning media company specializing in hyperlocal content in Chicagoland. Hired as its first employee in 2005, she is a former award-winning journalist and photographer who now manages the planning, logistics, marketing and executing of community events and expos. She is co-chair for the MPI-CAC Marketing & Communications Committee.




Heather Warthen, H1 Marketing & Events
H1 Marketing & Events

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