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Ask the Expert – Q&A for Summer Workplace Practices

By: Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | May 28, 2019

ask the expertQuestion: During the summer months we allowed people to work additional hours during the week, giving them the option to leave at 1 p.m. on Friday.  Do you think we should extend this option later in the year?

Answer: This practice does not need to limited to selected months. As long as your staff coordinates their schedules there is no reason you cannot continue that practice year round. You do, however, need to remind your staff that this is a privilege to be earned.

Question: During the summer months we were a bit lax on our dress code, allowing golf shirts to be worn. We seem to have some staff that took our dress code a bit too far and now we need to rein them in. How do you suggest we get people to dress more appropriately in the office?

Answer: My best suggestion is when you have the next staff meeting to have a “Back to School” theme and remind people about what the dress code for the office will be going forward. Sports coats with an open collar dress shirt for the men as an example. If you tell the men what to wear, the ladies will know how to dress. Office attire needs to reflect the organization’s image, whether it is more formal or relaxed.

Question: When we got to September last year it appeared people were acting like their children who just stopped their summer vacation. Do you have a suggestion on how to get our staff motivated?

Answer: Summer for too many people is a time to have fun and doing activities that are only available in the warmer months. Let me suggest you create a period of time either each week or more often when you do a fun activity. You can do something as simple make a putting golf course using obstacles they must avoid. Nerf balls are easy to use and are safe. Regardless of the activity pick something that everyone can do. If your staff is large, set activities by division on different days and then have the divisional winner compete in an activity. The whole idea is to get the staff re-engaged and keep the atmosphere positive.



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