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Four ways to use LinkedIn for business growth, exposure

By: Sarah Christian, Q Center | Oct 15, 2019

growthToday’s world is all about digital growth and knowledge. It’s nearly impossible for a business to succeed anymore without a successful digital presence, and in the professional environment, LinkedIn has become a key resource to growing your customer base and spreading the word about events.

Sales members use it to connect with potential clients and a variety of professionals use it to grow their personal connections for future gain, so how can you use it to help your business and events grow? Explore four ways you can connect with a greater audience and beat the social media algorithm to gain growth and exposure for your business.

1. Start a company page – Whether you’re an independent planner or work for an organization, having a company page on LinkedIn for your business is essential for letting your potential clients and event attendees to connect with you and keep up with new information. Additionally, you’ll be able to see analytics and insights about visitors to your page, as well as gain access to paid advertising opportunities.

2. Promote your business or events – Are you planning a huge event and looking to reach to your target audience to register? LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager is the perfect outlet to create paid content that populates in a variety of areas on LinkedIn, including on the home page timeline, sponsored direct message and side panel advertisements. This option is great when you want to reach individuals or groups that you don’t typically have the opportunity to interact with or have yet to connect to, especially for public or open events.

3. Post regularly – We all talk about the algorithm that runs social media today, but on LinkedIn, the best way for your content to be shown to your audience is to post consistently and often. As an individual or a business, the typical rule to posting on LinkedIn is one quality post per day with a link, video, or image, a few good hashtags, and quality content. You should focus on posting Monday through Friday because LinkedIn is primarily a professional platform, and most people only engage with it during or around standard business hours. Keep the content focused on quality over quantity, and keep it professional to your audience.

4. Build a bond – Connect with people using your profile and work on building a bond. Comment on other peoples’ posts, send them a direct message to congratulate them on a new role, or ask them a little bit about their business to spark a conversation. Focus on listening to the individual and creating a conversation over selling, making the interaction feel more organic and relational. Recommend information when people ask and offer solid feedback on a variety of posts. 

About the Author: Sarah Christian is the marketing manager leading the Midwest’s largest conference and events center to the forefront of planning and meetings. Based out of the Chicago suburbs, she brings years of conference and event experiences to the business, helping Q Center develop exciting new opportunities to engage clients and guests from around the world.



Sarah Christian, Q Center
Q Center

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