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Let’s stop wearing ‘Busy’ as a badge of honor

By: Michael Hahn, Leadership Speaker at Hero Habits | Dec 10, 2019

hahn2It was the night before the department holiday luncheon. I had just put the boys to bed and lumbered downstairs to clean up the kitchen. I was exhausted and then it hit me … “Oh shoot, I volunteered to make my sweet potato mash on pineapple rings for the holiday lunch.” The voices in my head started to argue, “They won’t even miss your dish, you should just sit down and relax for the night!” Then the other voice chimed in “Michael, you signed up for this a month ago, it’s super easy, just make the damn dish!”

After a brief back and forth, my goodie side won and Melinda (my wife) offered to start peeling the sweet potatoes. I cubed them and tossed them in the boiling water while I pulled the nutmeg, cinnamon, butter and salt from the cabinet and began mixing them in the bowl. I gave a short mashing to the potatoes, added a little extra (diary-free) butter, then it was perfect! I loaded the dishwasher, loaded my work bag and headed to the living room, sporting a little smirk.

As I sank into the couch, my internal conversation continued.

“I’m too busy! Why do I do this to myself? Why do I always overcommit for these types of things?”

My cheeks got tight and I started to snicker and then burst out laughing. I realized I felt this exact same way the past several years. Last year we even changed our normal side dish to make it easier on us. We vowed, “No more crazy side dishes!”

At work the next day, I shared my internal dialogue with a coworker and she leaned towards me and whispered, “Michael, I’m the slacker, I signed up to bring rolls …” I replied, “That’s genius, rolls!”

In that moment I realized that we all hold ourselves to a higher standard. We’ve been taught to try hard and to be good corporate citizens. So if you find yourself in the midst of another internal argument about taking the perfect holiday picture or you’ve been beating yourself up about not updating your Christmas card address list or maybe you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the kid’s teacher or your almost mother -in-law, here is my advice: take a deep breath, smile and have a good belly laugh at the amazing life you have created and appreciate how you found yet another way to allow your inner overachiever to shine.

Need a permission slip?

This holiday season, I give you permission to let your laundry pile grow a little larger and to linger a little longer savoring that morning steaming cup of goodness before you jump into work. You deserve it.

In closing, let’s stop wearing “Busy” as a badge of honor. Because eventually our entire life is going to be distilled down to just a few words by someone at some future holiday gathering. How do you want to be remembered?

About the Author: Michael Hahn is a keynote speaker and author of “Hero Habits: The Guide to THRIVING in Corporate America and in Life.” Michael’s high energy, interactive approach and humorous style inspire audiences to embrace their inner hero. You can reach him at (630) 220-9628 or Let’s discuss your event, visit



Michael Hahn, Leadership Speaker at Hero Habits

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