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The Apps that Made Me the Strongest & Healthiest I’ve Ever Been in my Life

By: Liza Doyle | Jul 21, 2020

AppsHi friends. Here I will share with you “my secret” that made me the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been – that keeps me grounded, centered, motivated, inspired, mindful, accountable, and moving every single day. And you probably didn’t think I would say mobile apps. Below, I include my favorite health, wellness, and fitness apps that truly have been a game changer in these last five months and have completely changed my lifestyle.

As I sit outside this morning, I look out onto the Chicago city skyline as it awakens with a smile. I breath in deeply, soaking in the sun’s warmth and bright light and the refreshing cool breeze in gratitude, my cup of coffee in hand, ready to take on the day and write this post.

I look down at my @Fitbit Charge 4. It’s 8:30am. I have already completed my daily 10-minute mindful meditation practice “Daily Calm” with my @Calm app, followed by my 25-minute at-home workout with my @ToneItUp app. My favorite superfood protein smoothie reward at the end to look forward to, accompanied by an inspiring article or educational course with @Medium and @LinkedInLearning or another online blog site and creative writing and journaling. My mind is now clear and calm. My body is now energized and nourished. My spirit is now ignited. I feel strong and healthy. I feel peaceful. I feel centered and focused. I feel alive.

And now – I’m ready to start my day.

I continue with my productive work, a healthy lunch and snacks, a midday quick break with stretching or a workout to recharge, and a run or walk with my favorite podcast “How I Built This with Guy Raz” on my @Spotify app before dinner. Finally, a wind down with a mindful evening stretch or meditation with my @Calm app to relax me into a restful sleep.

You may read this and think this is a typical day for me and I’ve done this for many years. But, you would be wrong – quite the opposite actually. For many years my self-care habits were inconsistent and not a focus of mine. There was always something else – work, social, a favorite tv series or movie, family, friends, an event, sleeping in.  I had short spurts of dedication to fitness at points of my life, and I always enjoyed nutrition. Despite all that, I never really knew what it felt like to truly have a strong and healthy body and mind and have a consistent practice.

It began five months ago when I returned home from a successful conference I produced out in Los Angeles and quite literally the day I returned, learned that I was quarantined. During this time, I recalled the last economic crisis back in 2008 and 2009 which became my greatest challenge and best learning experience – a tremendous pivot to my life’s journey professionally; so much was gained.

The world today was forced to slow down, stay home, and live life in its simplest form. I knew in this moment I needed to find inspiration and motivation and seek what I could gain from this new challenge.

In these times more than ever, we need to take a step back and see what’s most important, and that includes you! Let’s be honest – our health is pretty important. It’s about making time for you, getting yourself moving, strong mind, body, and spirit to feel and be your best and stay motivated, inspired, and joyful every single day.

I took a step back, evaluated my life and how I felt, and refocused.

Over the past few months, my focus has been nutrition, wellness, fitness, hydration, and sleep. I tested a lot of mobile apps out there and these were my absolute favorites. The biggest note is not overthinking it, staying consistent, and just doing it and seeing what works best for you (and no I’m not getting paid to send this post I promise. HA!). If you have any questions, I’m always here to support. Send me a quick note. Enjoy! 

I use the @ToneItUp app, @Verv Running app, @Fitbit app/smartwatch tracker, and @Calm app every-single-day!

My Favorite Fitness/Health/Wellness Apps & Smart Tech

  1. FitBit Charge 4 or Apple Watch:Get a smartwatch tracker – it’s truly a must have. Consider this the hub (like a website for tracking all) and sync all compatible apps to this app. I am a HUGE @Fitbit fan and the Premium upgraded app is necessary for the full experience. They have guided programs with accountability goals each day to support you, keep you on track, and push you to have better, healthier habits. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Fitbit.

  2. Best Meditation: I LOVE my @Calm app for my morning meditations first thing in the morning before my AM at-home workout to calm and focus my mind, stay grounded, and centered for a productive and inspired day. It’s only 10 minutes. I’ve never really gotten into meditation until now. This got me hooked.

  3. Best At-Home Workouts: @ToneItUp, an absolute must for you ladies out there! I sign up for their reoccurring 3-6 week programs and do their workouts daily at the same time every morning to start my day. I just completed their “Summer Tone Up” 8-week program and now I’m into their next 21 day challenge.They also have a nutrition plan, which is more like a lifestyle book, that is incredible. Other ideas: Onepeloton, @Classpass, Verv Fitness but the downside with these other apps is you are not connected to a community to keep you inspired and motivated.

  4. Best Community & Live Workouts: @Toneitup. TIU pairs in-app workouts with live workouts on Instagram.

  5. Best Walking, Running & Biking: I LOVE @Verv Running app. This works best for me because it has a running program based on your desires – interval running, 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon. It’s the only app that has worked for me. I’m now training for a half-marathon and had the longest run of my life – 11.5 miles! Other ideas: @Verv Walking (walking focused), @Runkeeper, @Strava.

  6. Best Mid-day Break / Stretch / Quick Workout: Recharge your body and your mind midday with @Toneitup, @Verv Fitness, @Seven, or Onepeloton

Quick Tips

  • Be Consistent! To create a habit, pick the same time every day. I’ve never been a morning person until now. Take advantage of your mornings and knock it out first thing in the AM to start your day before life takes over.

  • Schedule in your Calendar: Schedule your self-care wellness, fitness, and even meals in your calendar as appointments to make them a priority. It works!

  • Journal / Vision Board: Set and visualize your goals and intentions. Pen to paper. Here is a great article from @CamilleStyles for tips.

  • Smartwatch Tracker: Daily tracking and goals with your smart tracking watch

  • Join a Community: Join something that has a focus on community, lifestyle, overall health, and fun (like @Toneitup).

  • Create an Experience: Live stream or mirror your apps on your TV (“AirPlay” on Apple TV, “Cast”, “Mirror” or an HDMI cable to a computer) or use an iPad for at-home workouts for an optimal experience.

  • Claim Your Workout Area @ Home: Setup your space with your yoga mat and free weights.

  • Enjoy a Daily Mindful Practice: A quick meditation in the AM is everything and the reason I feel my best.

  • Nutrition + Fitness: The combination of good nutrition and fitness will give you the results you want. It’s not all about fitness.

  • Join a “Program” with Daily Goals and Challenges: This is the only way I was able to hold myself accountable.

  • Accountability Partner: An accountability partner is everything whether that is a social media community or a friend or family member that is going through the process with you. I like both #wereinthistogether!

  • Pay for App: To get the most out of an app, PAY for the premium version to get the full experience and benefits. It’s your health you’re paying for.

  • Start. Don’t give up. Stay positive. You got this!!!


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Liza Doyle
Senior Producer

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