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MPI Potomac Ponderings: July 2024
July 29, 2024
DEI Educational Session: Reducing Unconscious Bias in Decision Making - Conducting Better Business
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MPI Potomac Chapter Committees


MPI Potomac has a diversity of committees to fit all members interests. Find one you like? Click on the Committee Interest Form button below to be a part of a committee.




       CMP Prep Course

This committee leads our renowned online study courses focused on preparation for the CMP exam. They also promote those who earn their CMP certification through the program. They produce up to 4 CMP prep courses throughout the year by creating and publishing course schedules, coordinating instructors, and marketing to the Potomac Chapter as well as partnering with MPI chapters around the world that are not currently offering CMP prep courses. 


The committee collaborates with all Potomac Chapter committees to plan and execute cohesive marketing campaigns to promote chapter events and activities, including managing the marketing calendar, coordinating email campaigns, creating graphics, overseeing and posting on social media platforms, updating the website, hosting monthly podcasts, gathering content for and publishing the monthly FYI e-newsletter, and publishing the annual membership directory.

      Community Outreach

This committee aims to get MPI Potomac’s name out into the community through community service and volunteer efforts. 


This committee provides support and resources to ensure DEI initiatives are weaved into all chapter activities and communications to uphold the chapter’s mission to create an inclusive community that best reflects the makeup of our members. 

      Emerging Professionals

This committee assists individuals from traditionally aged college students to adult learners and even career-pivoters. It's a supportive home for all industry members who are in the early stages of their careers, with 0-3 years of experience. The goal of the committee is to provide tailored support and resources to help them navigate their career paths.


    Educational Experiences

This committee curates and develops 4-6 educational experiences (known as e2s) and other learning programs throughout the year. Tasks include content development, speaker/panel engagement, program format, and on-site execution. 


      Industry Advocacy

This committee strives to advance the interests of the Potomac Chapter through industry advocacy channels and will spearhead the chapter’s participation in events focused on highlighting the meeting industry. 


      Leadership Development

This committee plays a crucial role in supporting Potomac Chapter leaders. It facilitates succession planning, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership. Additionally, it provides a wealth of resources and tools to enhance leadership skills and effectiveness, ultimately setting up chapter leaders for success.


    Member Engagement & Recognition

To maximize our members' engagement, this committee ensures each member is getting their ROI from their membership once they become a member. The committee is responsible for member orientation activities, promoting committee involvement to maximize membership, and coordinating the Ambassador program at events to help connect newer and non-members with existing members. 

To provide member recognition, this committee also promotes ongoing member volunteer service and activities through awards (Star Awards throughout the year and annual awards), chapter articles, and birthday/anniversary acknowledgements. The committee is responsible for planning and executing the chapter’s year-end annual awards event (known as the Evening of the Stars).    

    Member Recruitment & Retention

This committee develops and executes membership promotion and growth strategies throughout the year. Member Recruitment is a chapter-wide responsibility, and this committee provides resources and specific strategies to ensure we are hitting all cylinders to create continuous membership growth. The committee also provides an ongoing outreach campaign to members in advance of their renewal date. By coordinating efforts with the Member Recruitment and Engagement committees, the Member Retention committee follows the life cycle of the member and creates proactive communications.



This committee connects members who are interested in serving as mentors with members who are looking for mentors in the industry. 

   Networking Events

This committee plans and executes several non-educational networking events that generate revenue for the chapter. Tasks include everything from event concepting and design through working with event partners and on-site execution.



This committee develops and delivers chapter revenue through paid partnerships, including year-long strategic sponsors, event sponsors, various sponsors/advertisers for chapter publications, and other outlets. The committee is also responsible for sponsor care to ensure ROI for each sponsor is executed and actualized. Lastly, the committee organizes non-event-specific fundraisers that can bring in additional revenue for the chapter.

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