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MPI Potomac Leadership Roles

The MPI Potomac chapter relies on the passion and dedication of you, our members, to lead us into the future. Through service on the MPI Potomac Board of Directors, you will have an incredible opportunity to expand your network, distinguish yourself from your peers, continue to develop leadership skills, and contribute to the ongoing success of the third largest chapter with MPI. 


The MPI Potomac Board of Directors is currently comprised of 18 chapter members (7 Executive Committee members and 11 Board Directors).

  • President-Elect (three-year commitment, with automatic succession to President in year two and Immediate Past President in year three)
  • Vice President of Communication (one year term)
  • Vice President of Education (one year term)
  • Vice President of Finance (one year term)
  • Vice President of Membership (one year term)
  • 11 Board Directors (one year term)

Benefits of board service include: 

  • Enhancing the value of your membership while impacting the future of our chapter.
  • Sharing your unique skills and industry experience while collaborating alongside key industry leaders.
  • Expanding your knowledge of the intricacies of association management.
  • Challenging yourself while building new and useful skills to expand your professional background.
  • Gaining leadership experience in managing volunteers, budgets and projects.
  • Meeting and networking with other chapter leaders throughout the world.

Nominations for all positions will be in accordance with MPI Potomac Bylaws. Any supplier or planner member in good standing is eligible for nomination and election to these positions. 

Please take a few minutes to review the MPI Potomac-Board-of-Directors-Job-Descriptions.

In order to be considered for board service you must submit a candidate interest form to be reviewed by the MPI Potomac Nominating & Governance Committee. Your application should include the skills and talents you can bring to the Board of Directors, any past involvement with MPI Potomac or other chapters, recognition of the time commitment involved in a leadership role on the board, and a declaration of your employer’s support. 

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