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MPI Potomac Chapter Mentorship Program Mentee Application

1. Please select the category in which best describes you:

2. Do you have a pairing preference for:

3a. How do you identify?

Role of the Mentee

·       Schedule initial meeting with Mentor and be on time.

·       Establishing goals based on your needs. Set meeting expectations in the beginning and ensure meetings are scheduled in advance. 

·       Be prepared to discuss your questions, short and long-term goals, and any topics you feel you would like advice on. Provide agendas in advance of each meeting.

·       Being an active listener.

·       Maintaining confidentiality.

·       Recognizing the importance of the Mentor's time.

·       Having a willingness to request and act on feedback.

·       Following through with recommendations.

·       Communicate with Mentor on a regular basis.

·       Complete a midyear and a final Evaluation Form at the end of program.

·       Learn and Have Fun!

Tips to Help Establish Goals

Your goals can form the basis of your early conversations with your Mentor. Goals should be SMART:

·       Specific

·       Measurable

·       Actionable

·       Realistic

·       Timely

We will only share your contact information (i.e. name, email address, phone number, and company) with your Mentor.

By submitting this application, you understand that we will make every attempt to find a match, however, there is no guarantee. Please note that, as a mentee, you are driving the relationship and communication. Once you receive information about your mentor, it is your responsibility to contact him/her to introduce yourself within 15 days with a quick note expressing interest in meeting and working with your mentor as well as scheduling your first meeting. This is a new program offered by MPI Potomac and we realize that it’s unlikely that there will be an issue with your match; however, if you have any concerns, please contact us at

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