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By: MPI Scandinavia | nov 12, 2018

What’s New

  • It’s the first time a local European MPI chapter is taking full responsibility on a flagship event like EMEC.
  • EMEC19 offers a four-day (instead of three) packed immersive program where education and networking are key, but in a way, you haven’t experienced before.
  • 50% of the EMEC19 experience takes place outside the conference centre
  • Learning journeys will take you outside our industry box and cross-industry innovations will allow you to broaden your perspective.
  • We think everybody deserves a party. This is why we have decided to include the Rendezvous party in the EMEC participation fee. For every registration, EMEC19 donates € 50 to the MPI Foundation.

What to Expect from EMEC19?

Change the Way You Learn

The conference will focus on four main topics: Risk management, leadership, design thinking, and meeting perspectives. Specialist tracks are designed to challenge participants to dive deep into these specific topics. EMEC19 allows delegates to become a ninja on one of the four topics or cherry pick personal favourites from the various topics addressed.

Change the Way You Experience

EMEC19 allows attendees to learn the way that suits him or her best. Part of the programme consists of learning journeys to explore cross-industry innovation. Learning journeys that are literally learning + journeys. Delegates are taken out of the meeting room, even out of the conference centre, to experience how other industries deal with the same challenges our industry faces.

Change the Way You Meet

Meeting new and interesting people is high on everyone’s list. But how often do you find yourself with the people you already know? Do not get it wrong, there is plenty of time to meet with old industry friends. But EMEC19 is designed in a way you will meet new people and get to know them well enough to make sure they pick up the phone when you call. Interested in finding out how that promise will be kept? There is only one way to find out…

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