november 11, 2018
EMEC19 – What’s New?
Det er første gang, at et lokalt europæisk MPI kapitel tager fuldt ansvar for et flagskibs event som EMEC.
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januar 23, 2019
Festivalization Event På Experimentarium
Mødebranchen er i høj grad begyndt at kigge efter trends i fra andre typer af events, som formår at fange og arrangere deres publikum på nye måder.
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9 februar, 2020 - 12 februar, 2020
01:00 - 01:00
MPI Global

The 2020 European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC20) will take place in beautiful Sevilla, Spain.

EMEC20 is the event where meeting and event professionals across Europe learn, connect, and discover what it takes to create experiences that will push boundaries beyond the expected. It will be a time to grow as individuals, communities, and change our world. EMEC20 in Sevilla marks the 31st edition of MPI's signature event in Europe. In April, professionals and volunteers from across Europe helped to design and guide the planning of the event. (Some of them used the #EventCanvas methodology for the first time!)

As an EMEC20 participant, you can expect to push boundaries as you go on learning journeys that embrace social impact, stories for leaders, local inspiration and new learning environments.

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