november 29, 2020
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november 9, 2020
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The journey to digital competency. Meet the corporate events team of 2021.

27 januar, 2021
16:30 - 18:00
MPI Belgium

    During 2020, many event teams went through a rapid reinvention. How did organizations adapt – by reskilling their team or hiring new people? We will hear from some of the biggest multinationals in the thick of the changes who explain the transformation required and how they did it. 2020 has changed the required skills of an event planner for the foreseeable future, but maybe forever?


    1. How to reinvent your event team to best adapt to new situations
    2. How others did it: Understand how companies worldwide adapted and are changing their ways of working 
    3. Successful practices for event team transformations you can use


    • Event professionals
    • Head of events
    • Marketing managers and directors responsible for event operations
    • PCOs and event agencies interested to learn about the transformation of event operations

    Our Speakers

    Frank Dräger
    Head of EMO International
    Bayer AG
    Sabine Bonora
    Head of International Conference Management & Health Manager
    MED-EL Medical Electronics
    Stéphanie Reicher
    Head of Trainings and Events Organisation
    Stefanie Verbeeck
    Sales and Customer Executive
    KU Leuven

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