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Overall Excellence Chapter Award



MPI Tennessee Rockstar Awards

MPI Tennessee Rockstar Awards are given to individual members for their contribution to the chapter while on a committee who have gone above and beyond the minimum duties required.  All awards are given to past or present months, not future months, and are awarded at a monthly event.  Recipients may only be awarded this recognition once per fiscal year, and current MPI Tennessee board of directors are not eligible.

Below you will find a list of previous Rockstar Award recipients.  Click here to learn more about how to join a committee, become involved in the chapter, and grow both personally and professionally.



July '23: Carolyn Johnson

July '22: Brook Dilworth

August '22: Riley Summers

September '22: Rip Beazley

October '22: Scarlett Coffman

November '22: Jennifer Alliss

December '22: 

January '23: 

February '23: Shannon Jones, Courtney McGee, Irina Davidson, Hillary Wickes, Lisa Wright, Jeanette Foster, Clayton Kelly

March '23: Jason LeVasseur

April '23: Allison Witt

May '23: Jennifer Alliss, Deanna Morrison, Abby Cox

June '23: Amanda Costello

July '21: Nicholas Brown

August '21: Beth Ziesenis

September '21: Cindy Tipler

October '21: Caroline Cole

November '21: Justin Harding

December '21: Angela Mills

January '22: Brad Ford

February '22: Jeanette Foster

March '22: Nathan Honeycutt

April '22: Debbie Garcia

May '22: Marisa McWilliams & Jessica Jarve

June '22: Anna Morgan Michel

July '20: Cayce Brasel

August '20: Don Osborn

September '20: Kellye DeMott

October '20: Trish Stallone

November '20: Dena Tidwell and Elizabeth Brock

December '20: Cindy Tipler

January '21: Courtney McGee

February '21: Jill Yochim

March '21: Anita "Joy" Felton

April '21: Derrick Pannell

May '21: Bradley Ford and Tara Moore, CMP

June '21: Jessica Jarve

July '19: Robert Hickman

August '19: Lindsay Cherry

September '19: Tina Gionis

October '19: Michael Farrell

November '19: Jennifer Squires

December '19: Alyssa Pruitt

January '20: Lee Blankenship & Tara Moore

February '20: Christina DeNee'

March '20: Nathan Honeycutt

April '20: Natalie Norris

May '20: Katie Rogers, CMP & Tammy Gilbert Cardona, CMP

June '20: Lori Hulet

July '18: Sarah Brown, CMP

August '18 Daniel Camp

September '18: Stephanie Vess

October '18: Rip Beasley

November '18: Don Osborne

December '18: Shannon Worley

January '19: Sheryl Baker

February '19: Dwayne Bass

March '19: Jamie Armistead

April '19: Sandra Johnson

May '19: Jennifer Squires, Lisa Schneider, & Cayce Brasel

June '19: Courtney Novak

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