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Circle Of Excellence Awards

The Circle of Excellence Awards are presented annually to the members of MPI Tennessee in recognition of outstanding association/industry contributions, leadership and professionalism at the Circle of Excellence Awards Gala and Silent Auction. Recipients represent models of excellence for chapter involvement, commitment and achievement. This year's awards will be announced at our 2023 Circle of Excellence Awards Gala in April 2023. More details regarding nominations and awards presentation will be shared as they are available.

2022-2023 Circle of Excellence Awards
Nomination Form

Can you think of an MPI Tennessee Chapter member who has made significant contributions to MPI, our chapter, and the meetings industry? Recognize members who represent leadership and excellence in the meeting profession by nominating them for an award. A nominations form will soon be available to nominate an MPI Tennessee member for the Planner of the Year, Supplier of the Year, and New Member of the Year Awards. You can click on the button below to view past Circle of Excellence Award winners.

Before you complete the nomination form, please note:

  • You can nominate as many people as you wish.
  • Nominees must be current members of MPI.
  • Please note, the 2022-2023 board members are not eligible for awards. 
  • Nominations now open through March 13, 2023

Planner of the Year

Recognizes an active planner member who represents leadership and excellence in the meeting planning profession and has made a significant contribution to the meetings industry, MPI, and the Tennessee Chapter. Nominations are made by the membership. All chapter planner members are eligible.


Supplier of the Year

Recognizes an active supplier member who represents leadership and excellence in the meetings industry and continuously provides innovative services and or products to effectively support MPI, the Tennessee Chapter and its members. Nominations are made by the membership. All chapter supplier members are eligible.


New Member of the Year

Recognizes a MPI Tennessee Chapter member volunteer for their enthusiastic contributions to the chapter, involvement in a committee and demonstrated leadership ability during their first 12 months of membership in MPI and MPI Tennessee Chapter. Open to eligible members who joined starting April 1 of the previous year. Nominations are received from membership and voted on by an external committee.


Chapter Meeting of the Year

Recognizes the meeting that had the greatest impact on our members and provided a return on investment. MPI Tennessee Chapter recognizes the year’s highest-scoring speaker and venue. This award is based on attendee evaluations and is awarded to all vendors involved in producing the meeting.


Volunteer of the Year

Recognizes the special impact and contributions of a committee member who has volunteered his or her services to the chapter in the current year. Their active dedication, enthusiasm and numerous hours of volunteerism has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to the advancement of our chapter. Nominated by Board of Directors and voted on by an external committee.


The Pillar Award

Recognizes an individual or company that makes continuous contributions to the Tennessee Chapter.  Nominated by the Board of Directors.


President’s Award

Recognizes a outstanding contributions to the chapter. Selected upon discussion of president, immediate past president, and president-elect, and ultimately the president can make the final decision on the recipient yearly. 


The Beth Calveard Volunteer Spirit Award

Recognizes quiet leaders who continually stand behind the chapter, supporting it and pushing it forward. A leader whose inner strength, character and integrity are seen by everyone around yet not often traits they see in themselves.  Final selection of this award is made by the Past Leaders Council and suggestions are made to the committee by the Past Presidents.


The Hall of Fame / Lifetime Achievement Award

Appointed by the Executive Committee or Past Presidents when applicable.


Each year, MPI honors its best and brightest chapters and volunteers through the Recognizing Industry Success & Excellence (RISE) Awards.

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