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MPI Tennessee
EIC Approved Sessions

MPI Tennessee is a CMP Preferred Provider.  The program(s) identified with the CMP Preferred Provider logo meet the requirements to receive continuing education (CE) credit for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential. As of August 2021 the MPI Tennessee meetings listed below offer one (1) credit hour toward CMP certification, unless otherwise specified. Contact mpitn.leadership.pd@gmail.com for more details about these EIC approved meetings.



January: Leading with Focus (Strategic Planning)

February: F This S (Project Management)

March: CMP Bootcamp (6 Credit Hours, various domains)

April: CONNECT, The One Where They Pivoted, Again (3 Credit Hours, Human Resources)

June: The Essentials of Empathy (Human Resources)

August: Backstage Pass to the $100,000 Stage (3.5 Credit Hours, Meeting or Event Design)

February: Planner/Supplier Tell ALL - “Bachelor” Style! (Meeting or Event Design)

August: Finding Success in the Middle of Chaos! (Strategic Planning)

October: Attention Pays (Strategic Planning)

November: MPI Tennessee Connect 2019 - Making Connections to Serve the World through Engagement, Sustainability, and Conversations that Matter

October: See More Sell More (Decoding Your Customer's Body Language) (Project Management)

September: MPI Tennessee Feud! (Project Management)

August: The Myth of Catching Up (Project Management)

July: Think With Your Hands Workshop (Strategic Planning)

June: Our Role as Hosts (Strategic Planning)

April: MPI Tennessee Global Meetings Industry Day 2019 (2 Credits possible; Marketing and Human Resources)

March: Mastering Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Management Deep Dive (Stakeholder Management)

February: The Master Communicator's Secret Weapon (Human Resources)
November: MPI Tennessee CONNECT 2.0 (3.75 Credits possible; Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management, and Strategic Planning)

October: Planning Your Audio Visual & Production for a New Experience (Meeting and Event Design)

September: Industry Update for 2019 Budgeting and Planning (Risk Management)

August: The Planner/Supplier RUMBLE!© (2 Credits possible; Risk Management and Meeting OR Event Design)

July: Fear Is My Homeboy®: How to Get Brave and Start Taking Action (Human Resources)

June: The Truth of the Matter: Beyond the Annoyance of Food Allergies and Menu Planning with Ease (Meeting and Event Design)

April: Managing Active Security Threats, Plus Emerging Trends in Event Security (Risk Management)

February: MPI Tennessee CONNECT Education and Marketplace (Risk Management and Meeting and Event Design)

January: The Truth of the Matter: Beyond the Annoyance of Food Allergies and Menu Planning with Ease (Meeting or Event Design)
November: Distraction-Free Focus Can Lead to Extraordinary Results (Project Management)

October: Managing Risk at your Meeting or Event: A Guide for Meeting and Event Planners and Suppliers (Risk Management )

September: Trends and the Future of Medical Meetings (Project Management)

August: Plan C: What Happens When You Have to Cancel Your Event? (Risk Management)

August: Communication DNA: You, Me and My World (Stakeholder Management)

July Strategic Meetings Management | Adding Value to the Participant Experience (Strategic Planning)

March Driving Forces in Meetings and Events (Strategic Planning)

February: MPI: TN CONNECT Education & Marketplace (Meeting or Event Design, Human Resources, Risk Management)
November: FOOD: A User’s Guide (Meeting and Event Design)

November: Infusing a Sense of Place to Create Greater Meeting Value (Meeting and Event Design)

October: Demystify Human Resources: HR You Can Use (Human Resources)

September: Hot Topic Roundtables (Meeting or Event Design)

August: Pre-Cautions and Pitfalls of Alcohol at Your Events (Risk Management)

June: Entertainment: The Effects, The Booking, & The Behind the Scenes (Meeting or Event Design)

March: How DO the Do that: Secret Tech Weapons for Meeting Professionals, East & West Region--Lights, Cameras, Microphones! Budgeting Realities for Your Live Event Production

February: CONNECT Marketplace - Understanding Your Leverage, Re-Inventing Meetings, Improving the Nashville Event Scene

January: Hosting Accessible Events that Ensure Inclusion of People with Disabilities and Seniors (Meeting or Event Design)
November: Past President's Present New Meeting & Design Format Pecha Kucha (Meeting or Event Design)

September: Communicating & Leading Through Change & Disruption: An Interactive Case Study (Professionalism)

August: The Why & How of Event Measurement (Strategic Planning)

July: Think!  (Professionalism)

June: Excelling with Hybrid Meetings (Meeting or Event Design)




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