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July 21, 2020 - July 24, 2020
Joanne Dennison's Virtual CMP Class
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Top Performing Chapter Award



Educational Luncheon

16 October, 2019
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Holiday Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown Convention Center
415 4th Ave S
Nashville, TN
MPI Tennessee
Phone: 615-373-8002

Have you ever wondered what your client was really thinking?
Do you want the highest chance of turning prospective customers into buyers?

The ability to understand the intentions, motives, and goals of those you meet with is one of the most powerful and coveted tools you can acquire in today’s business climate. Scott Rouse, a behavior analyst and body language expert, will break down the nonverbal cues you see in sales meetings and negotiations. The cues that tell you if someone agrees, disagrees, or has an alternative solution or suggestion are obvious if you know what, when, and where to look for them.

The process to break down these cues involves five steps:

  • Observing Correctly
  • Creating Rapport Quickly
  • Decoding The Comfort/Discomfort Cues
  • How to Look at Anyone Correctly
  • The Audience: Truth & Deception

Using examples from his own experience as well as relevant case studies, Scott will explain how to use specific body language techniques and strategies to give you an advantage in sales and meeting situations. You don’t want to miss this fascinating session where you can learn more about yourself and the people you interact with!

*** Please note we are planning on doing a Supplier/Planner “Trick or Treat” during usual networking time! Don’t forget to bring your business cards and arrive early! ***

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