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Have you tried to find work-life balance and failed?

By: Allison Graham | Apr 18, 2017

For years, I strived to reach this mystical endpoint that was just beyond my grasp. As I stretched my arms out to grab it, all I did was lose my balance. I assumed true work-life balance was reserved for those seemingly perfect women who always have everything put together – I am not one of those women.

Finally, I realized, I can’t find balance because it doesn’t exist!

Life is way too fluid for that. Greatness doesn’t happen in times of balance, it happens in moments of stretching and morphing into an even better version of what you are today – and that can get messy.

We make choices about where to focus each moment, and, at the end of a day, a week or a life, we hope that the tallied time we spent in each area of importance makes us feel satisfied. This shift in perspective gave me permission to stop aiming for the illusive benchmark of success, and instead focus on building a fulfilled life, not necessarily a balanced one.

It’s the highly personal dance between the responsibilities each of us is juggling, that can only be mastered and measured by you…no internal judgments, no unrealistic expectations and no unfair comparisons trying to measure up to the public image of others.

One of the inevitabilities of life and business is that there is always something that will interrupt your perfect-for-you rhythm once you find it. Stress, obstacles and adversity are facts of life. Rarely does the proverbial fan oscillate with a gentle breeze. It has one setting that’s powered on high and pointing straight at you. At times, the ensuing debris can be overwhelming, but there is always a solution.

On Monday, May 8th at the Learning with a View TEC Conference we’ll do a deep dive into this conversation. I’ll share the tools I used to build a successful business and create a rewarding life during my decade of hell when stress, obstacles and adversity were flying at me at lightning speed. I’ll share my formula so you too can emerge a Resiliency Ninja!  In the meantime, connect with me on Twitter and Instagram: @allisondgraham

Allison Graham is a Resiliency Ninja, Growth Consultant & Author at ElevateBiz. She can be contacted at @allisondgraham




Allison Graham

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