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Awards & Recognition

MPI Toronto feels that it is important to recognize its outstanding members throughout the year.  Every March awards are given to deserving members of the MPI Toronto Community. 
MPI Toronto also feels the need to recognize its volunteers.  In September, one member  of each of the committees is given recognition at the AGM as being a 5-Star Volunteer.  One of these recipients will receive the Education Scholarship Award.


MPI Toronto Chapter Awards

The MPI Toronto Chapter Awards Program is designed to recognize excellence in active chapter members, for their commitment, service and involvement in the chapter; industry and community at large.



Five Star Program

Each day MPI Toronto Chapter members put on one of their many hats and tirelessly volunteer their time towards leading the chapter. MPI Toronto Chapter volunteers exemplify the strong support and participation needed to help the chapter and industry grow and succeed.




MPI Rise Awards

MPI introduced its elevated new awards program at the 2008 World Education Congress (WEC) in Las Vegas. The new framework that better aligns with the organization's mission to build a global community based on knowledge, relationships and marketplace is supported by the MPI Foundation.

The first of the MPI RISE (Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence) Awards were presented at the 2009 WEC in Salt Lake City, Utah, for organizational achievement. For more information visit the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Awards page.  

The Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal/Quebec Chapters received the Rise Award for Innovative Educational Programming for the EVENT in 2019.


Each year, MPI honors its best and brightest chapters and volunteers through the Recognizing Industry Success & Excellence (RISE) Awards.

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