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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment


In August 2020, MPI Toronto announced the creation of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force who diligently examined every aspect of the Chapter's operations from the leadership team to chapter resources to volunteer opportunities, identifying gaps and opportunities.


In June 2022, a list of recommendations were presented to the Board including the creation of a permanent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion entity with representation at board level from a Vice President, the allocation of funds to hire a diversity and inclusion expert and the provision of resources for the benefit of the MPI Toronto membership community.


In July 2022, a joint Membership/ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee was formed, currently led by Julie McMartin, CED (Director) and Adam Hassen (Chair), to ensure the chapter is inclusive and accessible to a diverse community of meeting professionals, throughout the chapter's activities and operations.


We are thrilled to be able to share the following resources for your reference:

    MPI Toronto Chapter Site Map / Contents at

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

    • Landing page w/ most current MPI Toronto Chapter DEI Task Force Update and linked resource categories beneath:

      Table of Contents

    Holidays & Observances >

    General Information >

    • MPI Toronto Diversity Equity & Inclusion Commitment / Mission
    • MPI Toronto Diversity Equity & Inclusion Task Force February 2021 Update
    • Association Links

      DEI Education Opportunities >

    • Certifications & Courses
    • Webinars, Seminars, and Events

    DEI Digital Sources & Publications >

    • Articles & Blogs
    • Books > Book Clubs & Blogs
    • Magazines & Newsletters
    • MPI Global Resources > #RealTalk Dialogue Series
    • Podcasts
    • Videos                

    DEI Event Planning Resources >

    • Checklist Samples
    • DEI Speakers
    • Accessibility & Language Resources > Captioning & Translation Services - AI Alt Text Generator
    • Tips

    DEI Strategy Resources >

    • Consultants, Facilitators & Strategic Services
    • Business Cases, Studies & Reports
    • Memberships & Organizations with DEI Resources
    • Toolkits, Templates & Sample Programs > Catalyst Resources

    2024 Diversity Calendar:

    Disclaimer for site:

    As the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for MPI Toronto, we aim to offer resources that are accurate, up-to-date, and useful.

    For a list of important observances and dates relating to DEI, we have opted to use this external source, provided by Diversity for Social Impact, whose headquarters are in Toronto.

    We have found it to be an extensive listing, and any missing or new observances can be added upon request.  Please feel free to submit omissions, along with an explanation of what the observance you’re submitting is and a supporting web link, directly to:


    Articles and Blogs:




    Book Clubs and Blogs:

    Magazines and Newsletters:

    MPI Global Resources:



    Consultants, Facilitators & Strategic Services:

    Business Cases, Studies & Reports:

    Memberships & Organizations:

    Toolkits, Templates, and Sample Programs:


    This library will continue to be updated so check back often for more resources.

    The current DEI Leadership Team are:

    • Julie McMartin, CED, Director DEI
    • Wentworth Willock, CMP, Immediate Past President




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