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My Journey: A Continued Road to Learning: 5 Tips for Writing your CMP Exam

By: Emily Hribljan | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Oct 30, 2020

My Journey - Learning Series

At the beginning of 2020 when the world was still a ‘normal’ place, I began my CMP journey. I was about to begin a new role in marketing and events when I attended my first CMP Information Session with MPI. I knew I wanted to eventually write the exam and was interested to hear more about the process. I had tons of questions that I was hoping to have answered, and because I didn’t know anyone personally that had written the exam before, I was hoping to hear from others that it was worth all the studying. 

When I entered the CMP study group room, I sat next to one of the volunteers with MPI who wrote her exam the previous year. I immediately had all my questions answered and was given some helpful tips on how to prepare to write. Since then, I have gone on to complete my continuing education credits, attended a study group session and purchased the textbooks. I plan to submit my application later this month and will write the exam at the beginning of 2021.

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Here are some quick tips to help you when considering taking the CMP exam:

1: If you don’t have an account with EIC, create one! When you take continuing education courses through a preferred provider they will automatically be uploaded to your account. You will also need one to apply for the exam.

2: Getting continuing education credits shouldn’t cost you anything. Of course, there are some great programs out there that come with a fee; however for anyone that has recently become unemployed, please know that there are plenty of free online webinars out there that count towards your clock hours. In fact, EIC has these ones available to get you started.

3: Attend a group study session. Even if you aren’t ready to write the exam anytime soon, it’s great to feel connected to others with the same passion. This is also a chance for you to get any questions you might have answered.

4: Download the Pocket Prep app on your phone. This app gives you a daily question to answer that may be on the exam as well as practice tests. It’s a great way to stay motivated. I always make sure to answer the ‘question of the day’ even when life gets hectic.

5: Try to study when you have down time, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. Set a schedule that you can easily stick to. I also find that it’s easier to study on gloomy days, so I will do a bit more when I’m not tempted to go outside. 

CoffeeFinally, the best piece of advice I would give to anyone thinking of writing their CMP exam is to simply just begin the process. Whether it’s slowly beginning to complete continuing education credits or watching a YouTube video on what to expect from the exam, these are all positive steps in the right direction. 
Good luck!

Committee Note: In our industry we're constantly learning, growing and adapting to new trends and environments.  Change is around every corner and it's so important that we continue down our road to learning!  As we all continue to master our skills; new and old, we want to reach out to you, our MPI Community, to see if you have a story to share.  Learning from one another and supporting our colleagues is more important now than ever!

About the Author:

Emily Hribljan is an experienced marketing and communications professional with a passion for creating memorable corporate events. She has worked in various communications sectors including non-profit, corporate, and agency settings. Developing a passion for event planning early in her career, Emily began working towards her CMP certification at the beginning of 2020 after becoming eligible. When she’s not working, Emily can be found spending time with friends and family or exploring new restaurants in Toronto! 



Emily Hribljan | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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