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Preparing for the Return of Safe Events

By: Devon Campbell | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Jun 9, 2021

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It’s been a challenging year and half, but with vaccination rates up and the summer sunshine beaming down on our city, it’s realistic to think that the return of our beloved events is near!

After a year of isolation, safe events are top of everyone's mind.  At Duuo, we work with event planners and event venues to ensure their hosts have the best possible experience at their gathering. Duuo provides event hosts with easy access to affordable event insurance that can be purchased online in just a few minutes!

Duuo event insurance covers liability in case something goes wrong at your event. Situations like, the best man at your client’s wedding gets a little TOO into the choreographed dance number and ends up damaging the venue’s wall. With insurance in place, your event hosts can focus on enjoying their special day knowing their insurance is designed to have their back if anything goes wrong. 

Gathering@0.5xAs we prepare to move into a new realm where events and gatherings are possible again, we want to help our event community get back in the swing of things. Running now until October 31st. The Duuo Ambassador program is designed to educate people on the benefits of Duuo Event Insurance while providing Canadian event hosts with a simple, effective insurance option all at the click of a button. Through our program, event planners and venues can enjoy access to educational resources that explain the benefits of insurance and will get a $50 gift card for their participation. 

Click here to apply to the Duuo Ambassador program! 

Reach out to us today at to learn more about Duuo’s ambassador program, or to find out what makes Duuo different from your other event insurance providers!

About the Author:

Devon Campbell
Partner Success Specialist



Devon Campbell | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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