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The MPI Foundation: Giving Back to the MPI Community

By: MPI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Jan 23, 2018

It is hard to articulate the economic and social impact of the meeting and events industry. The down-cycle of job creation, tax revenue, secondary and tertiary impact into our centres is astounding. 

How each and every one of our chapter members contributes is equally as impactful, providing resources and content to its respective chapters for sustained development and interaction. 

This has been no more prevalent than my interaction with members across the US and Canada hearing their unique stories of how important MPI has been in their personal growth within our industry. People who were positively affected by the 52 Chapter Grants and 268 Scholarships that were delivered in 2016 by our Foundation, many of whom are right here in our own Canadian backyard. 

MPI Foundation Stats

But the true power isn’t just in these tremendous resources that are available; rather, how our members harness these opportunities, grow and pass on the knowledge to others. This is what helps build a sustainable model of learning, development and growth. 

As I conclude my tenure of Chair for our Canadian MPI Foundation, I remind and encourage each of our members to take hold of these opportunities. Opportunities made possible by amazing industry partners, contributors and volunteers. 

And as we commence 2018, please join me in welcoming our new Canadian Foundation Chair, Jennifer Beatty. As the new Canada Council Chair, Jennifer will work towards developing more programs and resources for all our members from coast to coast. For information on how to access scholarships, grants and research, please visit, 

Trevor Lui  is the former Canadian Foundation Chair, Incoming Vice Chair, Development, Global Board of Trustees. He is currently the Director of Operations & Sustainability with The International Centre, one of Canada's largest & most diverse event facilities and host of over 700 events annually.


MPI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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