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Past Presidents


MPI International Past Presidents from Wisconsin

Our Charter Members

An "Honorary Member" status has been granted to these past leaders by the Wisconsin Chapter.


2016-2017Jennifer Mell, CMP
2015-2016Tom Graybill
2014-2015Carmen Smalley, CMP
2013-2014Alison Huber, CMP
2012-2013Naomi Tucker, CMP
2011-2012Susan Kainz
2010-2011Marie Johnson, CMP
2009-2010Tami Gilbertson, CMP
2008-2009Mae Ibe, CMP
2007-2008Paulette Heney, CMM
2006-2007Steve Lorenz, CMP
2005-2006Kim Marie Ball, CMP, CMM
2004-2005Nancy Lund 
2003-2004Cinda Vingers, CMP 
2002-2003Marge Anderson
2001-2002Cindy J. Foley, CMP
2000-2001Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP 
1999-2000Marlene A. Schmidt, CMP 
1998-1999Mary C. Schneider, CMP
1997-1998Susan M. Grigsby, CMP
1996-1997Glenn R. Brill 
1995-1996Robin E. Craven 
1994-1995Janet E. Sperstad, CMP
1993-1994Bill Severson
1992-1993Joanne C. Schaefer, CMP 
1991-1992Terry E. Thiessen, CMP 
1990-1991Tom Barrett 
1989-1990Julie K. Peterman, CMP
1988-1989Gordon K. Crimmins 
1987-1988Patrick G. Kelley 
1986-1987Mary A. Weisner 
1985-1986Gudrun Sindermann 
1984-1985Joyce E. Wessley 
1983-1984Sally Klapper 
1982-1983Betty J. Sell 
1981-1982Joseph M. Jeanette, CMP 
1980-1981Dennis R. Kramer 
1979-1980Dawn A. Jansen 
1978-1979Robert Radke 
1977-1978Damian Mogilka, CM 


*MPI Global Past Presidents

1993-1994Coleman, CMM
1975-1976James G. Goebel, CM


*MPI Charter Members (CM)

MPI Wisconsin is proud to claim 4 of the original 159 members that started MPI in 1972. 

James G. Goebel, CM 
Serge E. Logan, CM 
Damian S. Mogilka, CM 
Rosemary A. Steinfest, CM 



* These MPI Charter Members and MPI International Past Presidents have received "Lifetime Member" status in MPI, granted to them per MPI By-Laws, Article III, Section 3.

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