August Chapter Program - Event Logistics
August 15, 2024
Bars & Rec, Pabst Best Place, The Brewhouse Inn & Suites Milwaukee, WI
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2024 Chapter Awards Gala - Registration Open!
September 26, 2024
Heidel House Hotel & Conference Center - Green Lake, WI
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Donations, In Kind Sponsorship and Event Hosting

Raffle, Silent Auction & Bidding for Good

We are very excited to have so many ways in which you can support your MPI Chapter and the associated opportunities to promote your products, properties, and companies!


Raffle, Auction and Bidding for Good Items

In an effort for you to budget annually and minimize the number of solicitations that you receive we are focused on one annual drive!  At the kickoff of this drive, you will receive a call from a fellow MPI member to see if you have any questions about donations/sponsorships and asked if we can count on your support for the coming year.

All Raffle/Silent Auction/Bidding for Good donations are accepted graciously with your knowledge that some items may be combined into baskets/packages with other donations.  The collection team will be deciding which items go together, which are designated as raffle, silent auction or bidding for good and what month they are used, unless you supply specific instructions with your donation. The promotion of all donations will not change, no matter their grouping/designation.

Follow this link to the Advertising, Sponsorship and Strategic Partners page to download the latest sponsor form.

BiddingForGoodBidding For Good!  Some items donated will be selected to go on the MPI-WI Bidding For Good Website. We will use our auction website, bidder email system and refer-a-friend features to promote our event and expand our outreach beyond our community.  We will also activate social media buttons on our auction site, so our supporters can help spread the word.  Our auction is poised for this November, and we will encourage everyone to talk up the site as a way to purchase some unique Christmas gifts… all donated by you!  What fabulous exposure for you!


Event Hosting, In Kind Sponsorships and Donations

In Kind Donors have the opportunity to showcase their properties, products and services to more than 325 planners and suppliers throughout the State of Wisconsin and beyond. Review the current Calendar of Events (subject to change) to identify the events you want to be involved in.

Event Hosting is our most popular form of In Kind sponsorship.  Members are invited to participate  in our annual RFP Process to host our monthly programs.  Proposals to host a coming year event are typically accepted in March of the current year (example:  2018 proposals are sought in March 2017).       

In Kind Partners are recognized by different levels of donations throughout the year.  Partners who contribute cumulative values in any of the categories above, will be recognized by that level at the end of the year.  You may donate In-Kind sponsorships in more than one event to build cumulative value for all your involvement during the given fiscal year.  Opportunities are available on a first come, first serve basis.

The chapter will give 100% sponsorship credit for the wholesale value (cost) of the in-kind donation if the sponsorship is provided in full (no money required from the chapter, unless otherwise pre-negotiated). Should the in-kind donation not be 100% donation, but instead a percentage of the total wholesale value, the chapter will give in-kind credit based on the sponsorship level of the associated wholesale value. 

For Donations please contact the chapter office at   



Our teams are very excited about continuing the task of increasing
the financial success of MPI-WI Chapter with your support!  

Go to the event calendar  to view our
schedule of events for the upcoming season!!!


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