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1996-2007 Award Recipients



Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Nancy Lund; Sherry Lee, CMP
Industry Advocate:Steve Lorenz, CMP
Industry Partner:Humana
Industry Support:Humana
Journalism Award:Lori Fuhrmann
Meeting Industry Advocate:Steve Lorenz, CMP
Planner of the Year:Susan Arts, CMP
President's Award:Paulette Heney, CMM;
Michelle Eggert, CMP
Rising Star Award:Alison Barta
Supplier of the Year:Marie Johnson
Team of the Year:Agenda Newsletter (Marie Johnson; Lisa Lanting, CMP; Ann Shultz; Morgan Data Solutions)

2007 Scholarship Winners

Professional Development Grant:Kim Jones
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Rachel Frederick



Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Marge Anderson
Industry Partner:Alliant Energy Center
Journalism Award:Michelle Eggert, CMP
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Allison McCarty
Meeting Industry Advocate:Connie Nau
Planner of the Year:Kim Marie Ball, CMP
Professional Grant:Liz Hesser
Rising Star Award:Naomi Tucker, CMP
Supplier of the Year:Carmen Smalley
Team of the Year:Agenda Newsletter (Tami Gilbertson, CMP; Marie Johnson)



Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Janet Sperstad, CMP
Industry Partner:Rockwell Automation
Journalism Award:Janet Sperstad, CMP; Lisa Thiel
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Jan Torkelson
Meeting Industry Advocate:Cindy Foley, CMP
Planner of the Year:Steve Lorenz, CMP
President's Award:Mae Ibe; Cinda Vingers, CMP
Professional Grant:Sherry Benzmiller
Rising Star Award:Adam Smith
Supplier of the Year:Mae Ibe, CMP
Team of the Year:Spring Education Day Team


Awards listed alphabetically

Community Service:Bill Severson
Education Excellence:Kim Coffey
Hall of Fame:Dona Geracie
Industry Partner:Wausau Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Journalism Award:Susan Burke
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Bridget Murphy
Meeting Industry Advocate:Nick Topitzes, CMP
Planner of the Year:Cinda Vingers, CMP
President's Award:Steve Lorenz, CMP; Michelle Eggert, CMP
Rising Star Award:Dawn Arnold
Supplier of the Year:Tracie Toth, CMP; Marin Medema
Team of the Year:Mae Ibe, CMP


Awards listed alphabetically

Community Service:Cindy Foley, CMP
Education Excellence:Janet Sperstad, CMP
Hall of Fame:Julie Peterman, CMP
Industry Partner:Premier Meetings and Incentives
Journalism Award:Jere M Foley II; Liz Bremer, CMP
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Barb Raymond
Meeting Industry Advocate:Glenn Brill
Planner of the Year:Marlene Schmidt, CMP
President's Award:Tom Coleman; Gloria Nelson
Professional Grant:Shawna Muren, CMP
Rising Star Award:Carmen Smalley
Supplier of the Year:Cindy Foley, CMP
Team of the Year:Lynette Resch, CMP; Dawn Arnold



Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Glenn Brill
Industry Partner:Marcus Corporation
Journalism Award:Heidi Krause
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Eric Brey
Meeting Industry Advocate:Janet Sperstad
Planner of the Year:Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP
President's Award:Strategic Planning Team
Rising Star Award:Michelle Dehne
Special Projects Award:College & Business Advisory Team
Supplier of the Year:Vicky Zacharias
Team of the Year:John Chastan, CMP



Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Pat Kelley
Industry Partner:Marcus Corporation; Carey Limousine
Journalism Award:Glenn Brill
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Kamie Nushart
Planner of the Year:Janet Sperstad, CMP
President's Award:Affiliate Education Team
Rising Star Award:John Chastan, CMP
Special Award of Excellence:Lynn Johnson Golabowski
Special Projects Award:2000 Charity Golf Outing Team
Supplier of the Year:Lynda Kohler
Team of the Year:Tracie Freund



Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Bill Severson
Industry Partner:Dairyland Power Cooperative; Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitors Bureau
Journalism Award:Anni Lampert
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Michelle Usadell
Planner of the Year:Marge Anderson
President's Award:Marketing/Public Relations Team
Rising Star Award:Jerry Brandt
Special Projects Award:Executive Director Task Force
Supplier of the Year:Glenn Brill
Team of the Year:Peggy Utphall


Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Ken Buss
Industry Partner:Midwest Express Airlines, Inc.
Journalism Award:Jennifer Kloepping
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Susan Meyer
Planner of the Year:Susan Grigsby, CMP
President's Award:Marge Anderson
Rising Star Award:Kristine Gonzales, CMP
Special Projects Award:Newsletter & Logo Redesign Team
Supplier of the Year:Julie Peterman, CMP
Team of the Year:Tracie Freund




Awards listed alphabetically

Hall of Fame:Damian Mogilka, CMP
Industry Partner:PC/Nametag
Journalism Award:Mike Pierron
Kristin Bjurstrom Krueger, CMP Scholarship:Prema Montierro
Planner of the Year:Donna Kinney
President's Award:Julie Peterman, CMP; Janet Sperstad, CMP
Rising Star Award:Val Brickner
Special Projects Award:Charity Fundraising Team
Supplier of the Year:Rose Herrington
Team of the Year:Dona Geracie




Hall of Fame:Terry Thiessen, CMP




Hall of Fame:Joanne Schaefer

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