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Past Presidents


2018-2019Alison Harding, CMP, CMM, GTP
2017-2018Alyce Kelly, CHSP
2016-2017Barbara Dragan
2015-2016Christian Schroeder
2014-2015Malinda Harrell, CMP, CASE
2013-2014Erin Moye
2012-2013Kathy Flowe, CMP
2011-2012Ginny Fountain, CMP
2010-2011Molly Johnson, CMP
2009-2010Marla Amann, CMP
2008-2009Scott Crotty
2007-2008Ginny Fountain, CMP
2006-2007Andrew Schmidt, CHME, MPA
2005-2006Linda Ilsley, CMP
2004-2005Heidi Walters, CHME
2003-2004Marie Long, CMP
2002-2003Bill Miller
2001-2002Joe Blake
2000-2001Brenda Dempsey
1999-2000Judy Green, CHME
1998-1999Susie Lichenstien, CMP
1997-1998Laura Saeger, CMP, CMM
1996-1997Sandra Hale
1995-1996Marty Couch
1994-1995Mike Carrier
1993-1994Liz Guertin
1992-1993Alan Skipper, CMP
1991-1992Jan Hogan
1990-1991Bob McCoy
1989-1990Toni Sylvester, CMP
1988-1989Larry Gahan
1987-1988Belinda Davis
1986-1987Paul Skoglund
1985-1986Gaye Walden
1984-1985Nancy B. Holder

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