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November 4, 2021 - November 5, 2021
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About Our Chapter

Established in 1984, MPI Carolinas is recognized as the leading organization responsible for professional growth in the region, with a rich and diverse membership of 400+ individuals representing more than $500 million in annual economic spending.

When you join MPI Carolinas, you become part of an organization dedicated to your personal and career success. You’ll connect with the innovative learning, passionate people and big ideas that will empower you to become an agent of change and reinvent the world.


MPI's Carolinas Chapter

MPI Carolinas Chapter Group Photo

“At MPI Carolinas, we are committed to making our industry better. We have a great combination of education and networking. These both are met with an intentional southern hospitality that keeps our members and guests engaged and coming back for more."


- Ricardo Hicks, MPI Carolinas Chapter, President

MPI Chapter Membership Population

Planners: 164
Suppliers: 125
Students: 23
Faculty: 1
Other: 2

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