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MPI-CC has a long-standing goal of providing excellent educational opportunities to attendees via our chapter meetings.

As an additional benefit to our members, MPI-CC regularly runs study groups for those sitting for certification exams such as the CMP. 

Designed to guide you to prepare for your CMP Exam, the MPI – Carolinas Chapter Study Group will help you break down the study materials into manageable chunks over a seven-week period with a series of conference calls set for a day/time that works for each study group (generally over the lunch hour). 

The CMP Exam study materials are broken down into Domains covering the subjects that pertain to the exam.  Each week, we’ll review a couple of the specific domains, giving candidates the opportunity to discuss the exam materials with one another as well as ask questions of the study group leaders.  Candidates also have the unique opportunity to gain insight into the format of the CMP exam itself with a variety of practice exam questions and answers. 

Additionally, near the end of the study group, candidates will have a chance to bounce questions off of a special guest, a recent CMP graduate.  We invite someone who has recently passed the CMP exam to share their experience on exam day and any tip and tricks they found helpful during the study process.

CMP Study Group

Sponsored by:

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The MPI-CC CMP Study Group is offered complimentary to members and $150 for non-members. This group is held as weekly conference calls.


To find out more about joining an MPI-CC study group please contact :

Tessa Barrier, CMP

CMP Study Group Signup Forms:



The study group meetings on a weekly basis via conference call. Specific day of the week and time will be determined at the beginning of each particular study group.


CMP Exam DatesGroup Start DateGroup End Date
May 1-31, 2022Week of March 3, 2022Week of April 14, 2022
August 1-31, 2022Week of June 9, 2022Week of July 21, 2022
November 1-30, 2022Week of September 29, 2022Week of November 10, 2022



CMP Study Group FAQs

I haven’t started studying for the CMP exam yet. Is this study group right for me?

Yes! Our CMP Study Group leaders will share tips for how to study, walk you through what you need to know for each domain, and go over practice questions to test your knowledge. You’re welcome to ask for study tips and additional guidance on exam topics.

I’ve already begun studying for the CMP exam. Should I join the study group?

Yes! The group format will help provide accountability and structure. The live sessions also give the group a chance for discussion and Q&A.

What if I can’t attend a session or if I can only attend part of it?

To make the most of the group experience, we highly recommend attending at least four sessions.

I’m a member of MPI but not of the MPI Carolinas Chapter. Do I qualify for the complimentary study group registration fee?

The CMP Study Group is a Carolinas Chapter member benefit. While the registration fee is waived for MPI-CC members, study group participants who are not MPI-CC members will need to pay the $150 fee.



"I am so grateful for the MPI-CC CMP study group opportunity! It helped to keep me on a steady track of reading the book, gave me a community to talk through concepts with, and the practice tests really helped prepare me for the style of Q&A to expect from the exam. My passing of the CMP exam is a direct result of independent study and the study group. Just one would not have done the trick!"

- Rachel Whitten, CMP - Greenville-Pitt County CVB - August 2020 Study Group Participant 

"Thank you three times over to our MPI-Carolinas study group! Since I started at Discover Durham in 2017, I had the CMP in the back of my mind. I attended conferences, read books, and asked all the questions I needed in preparation for the designation. What I did not anticipate was my fear and need for support and reassurance, and the study group gave me just that! Not only did they walk me through what I needed to complete my application, but they were honest about the books I needed, the amount of study time, other tools like apps, and study guides I could utilize to pass. The most important part of the journey was not just passing the test, but the level of encouragement I received from my study group members and other CMPs within MPI-CC who texted me, called me, and invigorated me all the way through. Without the group, I don't know if I would have passed. Thank you all for helping me be apart of the CMP club… I can't wait to support those who are on their journey next!"

- Najauna White, CMP - Discover Durham - January 2020 Study Group Participant

"I found the group support and motivation to be just the push and encouragement I needed to stay focused on a goal that’s been 6 years in the making. My wife has been pushing and encouraging but when you have peer encouragement, that seems to be enough to survive the final mile. I have to say, all the practice exams really prepared me for the test. I completed the test in just over 2hrs 45 min and really took my time. Thank you all for your support and I wish everyone success in the future! Glad to be in the club…"

- Ben Kent, CMP - CATALINA Marketing - November 2016 Study Group Participant

To add continuing education (CE) credits to your account with the Event Industry Council (EIC) for a session that has not been pre-approved by EIC, you can self-report it to add to your EIC account. 

You will need two pieces of information: 

  1. A session description that shows the learning objectives align with the CMP-IS 
  2. Proof that you attended (like a scan of your name badge or a copy of your registration confirmation).

For more information on CMP certification and recertification, visit the EIC FAQs



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