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Grier Donald

By: MPI Georgia | Dec 9, 2019


Grier Donald
Owner, President
Spirited Events Group
New Member: January 2020


Some consider Grier a brew master’s key side kick. She represents seven breweries in metro Atlanta and soon may be expanding her reach. These establishments include:

  • Gate City Brewing- Roswell
  • New Realm Brewing- Eastside Beltline
  • Pontoon Brewing- Sandy Springs
  • Second Self Beer Co.- Westside
  • Three Taverns Brewery- Decatur
  • Wild Heaven Beer- Avondale Estates
  • Wild Heaven Beer- Westside Beltline

Grier started her career in the event and hospitality industry 20 years ago organizing music festivals in California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Georgia. After returning to her home city of Birmingham and an unforeseen consequence of the 2018 recession, she moved into the world of travel. Grier was able to take her event planning skills and transition into organizing individual travel experiences for her clients across the globe. During that time she visited five of the seven continents and experienced many amazing places and cultures.

After seven years of travel and a move to Atlanta, Grier realized she missed creating larger scale events and began working with local music festivals and helping local breweries book private events. She was indeed a change-maker… and she even got involved with craft beer legislation. Next, she started Spirited Event Group and her business has experienced  non-stop growth over the past two years.  

Intrigued? Here’s some interested tidbits to get to know Grier on a personal level: 

Background:  I received my Bachelor degree at the University of Alabama and a Masters in Fine Arts from New York University. Next year I am chairing the Tech Summit, and I also volunteer with the Giving Kitchen and Second Helpings Atlanta.

Best Practice:  Do tasks that take less than two minutes right away and don’t put them off as your day progresses. Also, write out your to do list in every aspect of your life. This gets the tasks out of your head and allows you to be more creative AND productive. Who wouldn’t benefit from staying focused and avoid getting overwhelmed?

Best Vacation / Dream Destination: 
AFRICA hands down! It is a world like no other, and you truly will be transformed by this magical place.

How would your co-workers best describe you?  Efficient, direct, and a “gets to the point” kind of person

What is your biggest pet peeve? Incomplete responses; whether it be emails or event questionnaires when preparing for an event. Come on people, please fill out ALL the information or ask to clarify the question.

When I’m not in the office:  I explore every aspect of the ever-expanding F&B scene in Atlanta. I enjoy rocking out to live music or enjoying nature at a festival, in the mountains, or at the lake.

If I wasn’t in the hospitality industry:  Tough question because everything I want to do circles back to hospitality. If I wasn’t working in the industry, I would enjoy managing a boutique bed and breakfast or a small island retreat. I also would love to own a small, self-sufficient farm providing local produce to the community.



MPI Georgia

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