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Peter Schmidt

By: MPI Georgia | Feb 11, 2020


Peter Schmidt
Director of Global Accounts
NHS Global Events


How did you get into the hospitality industry?

Growing up, I always felt at home in the service industry. Pleasing guests and socializing… making others smile through engagement and passionate delivery got me on my way towards the hotel industry.

I started my hotel career back in Germany where I was born and raised. The amazing Bayerischer Hof in Munich provided me with my entry opportunity to really learn all aspects of how a luxury hotel is run and managed. From there I enjoyed opportunities with international hotel chains and eventually a move across the pond to Chicago in 2000. After almost 18 years on the hotel side, the time was right and an opportunity brought me to NHS Global Events. The rest, as they say, is history.

If I wasn’t in the hospitality industry, I’d probably be…

Doing yardwork – I love the outdoors and maintaining a well-defined landscape.

Worst job:

Mail delivery over summer break. Although I was pretty convinced I was doing a solid job, despite the mix of weather during the German summers; my supervisor thought very differently about my day-to-day performance and enjoyed telling me in front of the whole team. Needless to say, the scolding always came with lots of shared laughter and making fun of each other, but there was some obvious seriousness about this job, and I appreciated the feedback and the responsibility that was put on me. Important to note: it was always done in a collaborative way with lots of high-fives and “let’s get out there and do a better job than yesterday” kind of message. Solid learnings for a young me – and humbling.

How would your co-workers describe you?

My hope is they would say something like: “Peter is reliable, fun, energetic, hardworking, and good looking.” We may have to bring in the team to get their true perspective.

Any big business initiatives for 2020?

This is my first year embracing the MPI Georgia chapter from a volunteer standpoint. I am currently working with the team on the Tech Summit next month and am hoping for a role in the planning of the Fall Classic which I think is the best event in the industry nationwide – I mean, Bocce! Who knew there is a game out there where you don’t have to put your beverage down to participate?

Binder or iPad?

I was born in the early ‘70s which means I’ve had to adapt to a lot of new technologies. (We used to mail contracts and then upgraded to the fax machine. Then we advanced from email to the cloud). Still, I feel a bit strange taking notes via an app on my second or third screen as somebody might think I am not paying attention to what is said in the room. Let’s say, I am in between things for this particular topic.

Pet Peeve on an airplane:

My biggest issue on planes is when passengers simply forget their good manners. The fact that most of the travelers around us are outside their comfort zone should give us enough indication and empathy to make this part of their journey easier. So, please, traveling gents, help the lady with that suitcase, no matter how heavy it is; switch seats so family members can sit together; and take your headphones off when you see that service is approaching. We are all on this flight together… let’s make it fun rather than not.

What are the top three items you pack for every trip:

- Thermo coffee mug which I use as much as possible during conferences and meetings

- A Hot Wheels car representing my two boys (current most traveled car is a miniature Mercedes AMG GT)

- My Jabra Elite in ear headphones – the best to eliminate noise while keeping a solid sound experience for in-air movies, music, or for some white noise to get some work done during travel

Next vacation destination: I believe we are committed to Costa Rica during Spring Break. However, for me it is always puzzling to leave our North Florida beaches in order to travel to another surf and sand destination. What ever happened to mountains?

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MPI Georgia

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