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Sponsor Spotlight - Button It Up

By: Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM | Apr 10, 2019

Button It Up_Sharon Headshot   Sharon Hochdorf
Button It Up 


Sharon moved to Atlanta in 1986. After being in Atlanta for a year and starting to raise her two small children she decided to open her own business. She was familiar with the photo novelty business from her parents, so she decided to open a photo novelty company. It all started with photo buttons and so in 1987, Button It Up was founded. At the time Sharon was a stay at home mom and only wanted a part-time business to provide additional income, but it wasn’t long before Button It Up grew into a full-time business and a full-time career.    

She was the first to introduce this photo op to the event industry in Atlanta, nobody else was doing it. Her first market was Bar and Bat Mitzvahs because she knew the photos would be a great party favor and entertainment for the guests. From there, Sharon looked to expand into other markets. She began attending industry meetings regularly and was fortunate enough to make many lifelong friends and connections in the event industry. She also found that there was demand for her services in many other markets, both social and corporate.    Button model

Since Sharon started the photo novelty business in Atlanta, 33 years ago, she watched the photo novelty industry dramatically change.  If you can imagine, when she started all the photos were in black and white and none were digital. Today Button It Up has grown from a handful events per month to several hundred annually and from one offering to several. Button It Up has become a staple of the Atlanta event and meeting industry. Their professionalism, reliability and quality has made them a proven partner for countless event professionals.

Button It Up Mosaic

Joel Miller, Partner
  In the most recent chapter of Button It Up’s story, Sharon’s son-in-law, Joel Miller joined Button It Up in 2017. With his background in technology and hardware/software services, Button It Up began expanding their offerings and venturing into new markets. They still offer their traditional photography services with on-site printing and green screen and traditional photo booths but have also added a variety of interactive and digital options as well including their digital graffiti wall, mirror booth, social sharing booths, roaming booths, 180 boomerang and photo mosaic wall.

Just as Sharon revolutionized the photo novelty market in 1987, Button It Up is doing it again with their Roaming Booth which they launched in 2018. It has gained massive popularity in a short time, becoming a favorite of many planners who want to make an impression at their next event. They have no plans to stop innovating and we all can’t wait to see what’s next. Button It Up is a member of MPI, NACE and ACVB.


Megan Perks
Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM

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