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Sponsor Spotlight - Allseated ExVo

By: Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM | Mar 9, 2021


Lauren Karabinos
Account Executive 

Olivia De Sonne Ammaccapane
U.S. exVo Project Manager 




Introducing the Future of Events: exVo is a virtual platform that allows you to create immersive, fully branded experiences with features that keep your audience completely engaged. exVo brings the live event experience to virtual events.

Tell us about your role for the Tech Summit. What products and features will you be showcasing?

Lauren:  I am a member of MPI Georgia and have had the pleasure of networking alongside this group of talented event professionals for almost five years. We are thrilled to be hosting the annual Tech Summit this year through our latest event platform, Allseated exVo. Being the first stop on the map, my job with Tech Summit was to showcase our interactive virtual experience to the MPI Board. We wanted to demonstrate (and illustrate) just how impactful an immersive platform like exVo would be for the participants.  

To help paint the picture, below is a great video we put together from an event we hosted a few months ago. Allseated exVo allows for genuine connections to be made through the serendipitous experience that our platform provides – this is what is missing in the virtual world right now. With Allseated exVo, it is super easy to network amongst others at the event – you easily click on any avatar to start a conversation. It truly is unlike anything that you’ve seen before.


Olivia:  I am the exVo producer for this event, and the Allseated exVo platform is where we will all be meeting. Our platform facilitates organic networking, showcases beautiful spatial design, and enables content sharing through live presentations or pre-recorded booth material. The possibilities are endless, and it was a blast to work with this MPI Georgia team.

How do you feel virtual events are changing the game?

Lauren:  I think we can all agree that everyone is ready for live events to come back… and they will. On the other hand, virtual has changed the game… entirely. The hybrid model will be around forever. For this reason, our platform provides guests a way to participate even if they cannot physically be there in person and allows for increased attendance. This then provides programs with an additional revenue stream and drives up their business opportunities and outcomes. Check out the video below so you can experience how exVo brings a new dimension to your events.


Olivia:  Before Allseated exVo, the only options for virtual events were Zoom or Zoom-like platforms. We quickly realized how exhausting that can be. Allseated exVo offers a fresh and fun approach to natural-feeling live events. Virtual events on exVo enable global participants to come together like we’ve never seen. Event industry professionals can now work more events from home, hopefully making business more profitable and less stressful. Allseated exVo is definitely a revolutionary platform.

What's next in virtual events?

Lauren:  As Allseated always does, we are listening to what the market wants and needs and continuing to improve our product day by day. There is no telling what we will come up with next to stay ahead of the curve. Whatever that may be… we will continue to make the virtual experience feel more and more like the in-person experience.

Olivia:  I’m excited for the host of new features we have lined up for exVo. The ability to make events more natural and real is something we strive for every day. In particular, I’m excited for some of the décor and lighting options we have coming in 2022 – can’t say much more – it’s a surprise

All Seated_Image 1_Breakout


All Seated_Image 2_Ballroom (1)


All Seated_Image 4_Tradeshow

Get to know Lauren and Olivia outside of the office:

How did you get started in the industry?

Lauren:  I was living in New York at the time attending fashion shows through my Apparel Merchandising degree. Soon I realized, I was on the wrong side of the stage. Shortly switching over to be behind the scenes, I quickly became consumed by the fast-paced atmosphere when the curtains drew. Being a part of the planning process from the first model who was hand-selected to the celebration champagne after the show concluded, was when I felt most alive. I knew from that point forward, I always wanted to be a part of the event industry.

Olivia:  From before I was born, I had hospitality in my DNA. In the 1980s and ‘90s my parents ran restaurants, bars, pizzerias, and catering halls. After I was born, my father became an event photographer. He later told me, “I’m glad I left the restaurant business, because if you had grown up in restaurants, you would have fallen in love and never left.” And I said, “Dad, you raised me in the events business, so guess where I am instead!”

How did you discover Allseated?

Lauren:  After trying out many different areas in the event industry: Catering Sales Manager, Event Planner, and Sales Manager for a staffing agency, I finally found the perfect fit at Allseated. Melding together my love for events with the innovative technology provided through our Allseated exVo product. This was the blend I needed to enjoy what I do every day and continue to educate myself in the process.

Olivia:  After finishing college at the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!), I wanted to apply my research and design skills somewhere that would challenge me to grow… and that is how I chose to work at Allseated. In a dynamic environment where no two days are alike, Allseated helped me fall in love with events from a unique angle incorporating technology and innovation. Now I run the U.S. branch of our virtual events team for Allseated exVo. I produce new and exciting experiences like we’ve only seen in movies.

What’s your dream vacation?

Lauren:  My husband and I have big plans to travel around the world and immerse ourselves in different cultures. On our current dream board is to take an RV up West for a couple of weeks, submerge ourselves in the wilderness, and hike around some of the best National Parks. After that, we plan to travel to Thailand for the annual Songkran festival, which marks the Thai New Year and is referred to as the biggest water fight in the world.

Olivia:  My dream vacations are road tripping across the US and taking the trains across Europe. I always believe that traveling should be part of the fun, and it’s the best way to experience the scenery. Everything becomes an adventure.

Register Today for one of MPI Georgia’s signature events which will be held on Tuesday, March 30. Lauren and Olivia look forward to connecting with you in one of the virtual breakout rooms. Allseated exVo is a whole new experience with unmatched opportunities for meeting engagement. Check it out.





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Megan Perks, MBA, CMP, CMM

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