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How to navigate: learning from successes and failures

16 september, 2020
16:00 - 18:00
Rungstedgaard & Zoom
Rungsted Strandvej 107
Rungsted Kyst,
MPI Scandinavia

We are pleased to invite both Scandinavian and MPI members at large to this hybrid event.

Slides from the event: 

Seminar slides and welcome 
Mads Kjer from TicketButler

Video links to different sections, or start from the beginning below for the welcome and introduction to today’s topic

Susanne Simonsen, Rungstedgaard

Mads Kjer, Ticketbutler

Discussion, follow-up and hybrid event tips

MPI Scandinavia is hosting 40 people in exclusive surroundings in Rungstedgaard north of Copenhagen. Christa Rosengren, MPI Scandinavia Board Member will be hosting the event onsite together with the two speakers: Susanne Simonsen, Sales & Marketing Rungstedgaard and Mads Kjær, CEO Ticketbutler.

We will be streaming online via Zoom. If you are not able to attend Zoom meetings, please join us on Facebook instead. Majbritt Sandberg, President MPI Scandinavia will be hosting the online experience. 

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15.30 - Onsite arrival 
15.55 - Online arrival
16.00 - Program starts: Welcome with Christa and Majbritt.
16.10 - Speaker: Susanne Simonsen, Rungstedgaard
16.25 - Speaker: Mads Kjer, Ticketbutler 
16.40 - Follow-up: What did our speakers learn from there experience? Hybrid best practice, what does the future look like? 
16.50 - Breakout: Discuss in groups
17.20 - Online and onsite share their best practice discoveries 
17.35 - Social networking for both online and onsite attendees

*We will gathering all best practices for a white paper. 

What's in it for you?
We want to share, discuss and help everyone navigate in a changing world. We want to encourage you to talk about failures as much as successes. Our community will be stronger if all of us encourage innovation by sharing our knowledge. 
Together with MPI International will also be gathering resources and learnings which we will share with you after the event.

Topics and takeaways we will focus on

  • Hybrid events:
    What does it take and what are the challenges. What should you as the planner or venue be aware of on the technical side. How to successfully create interaction and network. Most importantly, we want to discuss how to create value for your participants.
  • Online or in-person:
    One size does not fit all. How do we identify the opportunities and challenges? We are going to look to Europe and USA for new ideas and what not to do.
  • Small is beautiful:
    Instead of cut and pasting old event templates for our big gala evenings, employee parties, yearly conferences, we need to step back and look at what we want to achieve for each participant. We need to create wow effects in the little moments since we can not do it by gathering thousands of participants.

By learning from each other’s experiences we want to find new tools for supplier and planners to rethink and reuse old and new and to be open to trying new things – even if it means failing once in a while.


Susanne Simonsen, Sales & Marketing Rungstedgaard 

In connection with Covid-19, it was clear that we could not run business as usual. As we also host training and educational programmes for the insurance and financial world, we never close the hotel. 

The educational hosts were in separate rooms and ran virtual seminars but of course they had to be catered for. Running the seminars virtually was the start of a new way of running the hotel for us. What did this setup require of our AV equipment and the meeting rooms? How do we deal with the fact that we were not allowed to serve food in the restaurant? How about our delicious little snacks every morning and afternoon? They are always a guest favorite... Should we have hand sanitizer all over the hotel, and do sanitizer even come in a design friendly bottle, that would fit the surroundings?

The were numerous unanswered questions and so many unforeseen details but like everyone else we had to go by the motto learning by doing. We got started and we have now learnt a new way of running our hotel. 

How we succeeded and made it work better than anyone expected, is part of what I would like to share with you. I can promise for fun stories, strange experiences, unforeseen challenges. But most of all it has been full of valuable lessons and powerful team exercise for the hotel and all its employees.

Mads Kjer, CEO Ticketbutler
Ticketbutler is providing tech solutions for events like registration systems and name badge printers. But what can a smaller Danish tech company do when people don't meet physically?  
Meet the CEO of Ticketbutler Mads Kjer who will tell you his corona-story about seeing all sales vanish, launching a new product in just 8 days, another new product within the church industry, as well as facilitating sales for Drive-In events all over Denmark.  

Venue Details

Rungstedgaard: Something extra makes a difference

From the moment you enter Rungstedgaard, you are greeted with a smile and open arms. We believe that a little something extra makes a big difference and we work hard to make our guests feel at home – even when they are away from home. Rungstedgaard is your ideal business hotel near Copenhagen

We look forward to welcoming you to Rungstedgaard.


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