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A Look Ahead – What’s Next? A true story about suffering with depression long before COVID and finding ways to turn the pain into purpose.

By: Janice Cardinale | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Jan 28, 2021

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Committee Note: Based on your feedback in our recent MPI Toronto Survey, we are excited to feature our MPI colleague’s post!  Janice Cardinale continues with this series “What’s Next Starts Now” by speaking openly about mental health and steps she has taken to create her own recipe to feel whole again! 

The more effortless you are, the greater you manifest everything that you ever dreamt of.

                  - Rhonda Byrne


The number one trend this year is People and Health.  Our physical health and more importantly our mental health.  We all have felt the affects of 2020 and every emotion we may not have known we had.

I am a dedicated advocate of good mental health because I suffered from depression for years.  The type I encountered was not related to an incident specifically, but rather to the chemical make-up of my biology. 

I became a CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) guinea pig for a few years because I wanted to try anything that would make me feel whole.

Talking about mental health used to be taboo, but today it is one of the leading causes of suicide.  The media has increased and manifested the conversation and awareness of mental health, because people, leaders, celebrities, and I feel comfortable talking about it on platforms like this.

So, what was my “Secret”?   

Yes You Are

I changed the way I talked to myself and that helped to change my life.  Many of us talk ourselves out of risks, challenges, and action towards goals because we worry about doing it wrong.  I learned many years ago that we can remove the self-doubt by fueling our minds with inspiration instead of fear.


Those of you reading this post will understand the toll our mental health has taken on us, our families, and our friends and it is up to everyone to seek their own recipe to feeling whole again.

Recipe #1
The first and most important thing for anyone in the event industry to do is reflect on the setbacks that happened in 2020. What was tough?  Write it down in a notebook!  Once you get that out, then you can begin your reset or comeback.

Recipe #2
Purpose comes from pain, so what is your why?  What do you dream of accomplishing in your Business or Professional development, Mental & Physical health, Personal, social and community?

Recipe #3
If you were to choose just one goal for yourself, what would it be?  A goal without a plan is just an idea.  Start to work smart and for those of you unfamiliar with work smart, this is what it means;


Be your own motivation and look to what engages you.  Be your own advocate! Establish what drains you?  Draw up your own independent accountability calendar, because when you write things down for yourself, you will have greater success and feel the abundance others talk about.

Here is my challenge for you this month:

Text three friends with something they do/did that you appreciate.
DM two influencers about a piece of their content which you LOVED!
Call one relative you have not spoken to much and reconnect with them!


If it helps you feel better, let me know because if I have helped one person then it will have been worth it.

About the Author:
Janice Cardinale
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Janice Cardinale | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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