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Avoid burning out this holiday season with these wellness tips

By: Joanna Lean | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Dec 7, 2022

As we flow through the beginning of the holiday season and say goodbye to the fall, I am really reflecting on the idea of embracing change. How can this winter season I show up differently than pre-pandemic times? How can I commit to my mental, physical, and emotional health over everything else?

Many of us have re-evaluated our values and taken more time over the pandemic to prioritize our wellness; we are now going back to perhaps a busier winter than we have ever experienced before. With the influx of in-person events, staff shortages and the chaos of these times, some of us may fall back into old patterns. 

Take time this month and outline how you want to show up this winter. How can you commit to yourself and ensure that you are laying the foundation for a healthy yet busy holiday season.  Ask yourself this:

What type of rest do I need?

We all know that sleep is crucial to our wellbeing but sleep isn’t the only type of rest and restoration we need.  Based on Sacred Rest a book by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, there are 7 types of rest that can help us move through life’s pressure and busyness.  A great tool to have in your back pocket this season. Assess what the best rest is that can support you in the busyness and stress and practice that.

Physical rest: There are two types of physical rest; passive (sleep and naps) which we all know and active (yoga, stretching, moving your body, massage therapy) getting your blood circulating.

Mental rest: The amount of things we have to remember when preparing for events is crazy and we can really get in our heads about them too.  Some ways to practice mental rest is to meditate, journal and be incredibly intentional about what you are feeding your mind. Are you watching too much news? Complaining too much with colleagues?

Emotional rest: In times of chaos, we tend to people-please even more, say yes when we want to say no and not fully express ourselves and our needs. Practice saying no, you may feel guilty but guilt signals to that you are choosing YOU.

Sensory rest: Each and every day we are constantly looking at screens, whether on zoom calls, looking at our phones, reviewing critical paths and ending the night watching TV. We are inundated with bright lights all day.  This can cause our senses to feel overwhelmed. To counterbalance being over-stimulated, take pauses throughout your day and close your eyes. Be mindful of how much time you are spending in front of your screens.

Creative rest: This winter we are going to experience a lot of problems and need to come up with solutions and brainstorm new ideas. One way to help boost your creativity is going out in nature as much as possible, being outdoors re-awakens your awe and wonder we each have inside of us. And of course, create some art - creative mindfulness helps instill more joy and calm.

Social rest: Surround yourself with positive people who are supportive. This is a time to be mindful of the relationships that exhaust you and lean into ones even virtually that energize you.

Spiritual rest: Lastly, this type of rest is connecting beyond the physical and mental and feeling a sense of belonging, love, acceptance, and purpose. To receive this kind of rest it’s about engaging in something beyond yourself. Some great tools are prayer, meditation and joining a community that resonates with you.

Things may look and feel a little different this fall but you have the power to plan your wellbeing first. And remember You are human BEING not a human DOING! So be intentional and practice the right type of rest this holiday season so you can thrive and not just survive.

About the Author:

Jo Lean- FlowJoanna Lean
Wellness Facilitator and Freelance Event Manager
LoveSelf Wellness



Jo Lean- Flow
Joanna Lean | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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