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Canadian Lead Sessions at WEC19

By: MPI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | May 22, 2019

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In a few short weeks Toronto shall take stage to the World when it plays host to MPI‘s World Education Congress from June 15-18 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This year’s theme challenges us to stop planning meetings and begin designing shared experiences. There will be plenty of opportunities to choose from, many of which shall be Canadian lead sessions. Here’s a bit more on some of them to help you keep them top of mind:

Session: Understanding Global Trends and their Impact on Incentive Travel
Speaker: Tahira Endean

A curious event producer, Tahira is passionate about intentional event design and the integration of now ubiquitous technology to enhance the human experience at events and everyday. Driven by a fascination with what we are learning about neuroscience and the power of the five senses to enhance memory, knowledge retention and improve connections, she is continually seeking appropriate ways to design the most relevant incentivized meeting and event environments.

Session: Chief Idea Hunter
Speaker: Janice Cardinale

What drives The Idea Hunter is the natural ability to spot up-and-coming, young talent & trends in entertainment, and harness them in meaningful ways that add “wow-factor”.  After 19 years they continue to reinvent by disrupting the norm and creating new live entertainment experiences that are not only memorable but also use cutting-edge technologies. 

Session: Gender Diversity and Inclusion at All Events 
Presenters: Andrea Boulden, Michelle Emson, Heather Reid

Creating warm and welcoming experiences for all attendees at events is very important.  This open and frank conversation about gender diversity and inclusion is led by two seasoned event planner professionals and shares the personal experiences of Michelle Emson, an openly “out” transgender woman and LCGTI advocate and educator.  Thinking we are being inclusive is not the same as knowing that we have specifically and strategically designed our events to be welcoming and warm to all. 

Session: The Power of Story
Presenters: Marie-France Watson, Ryan Young and Tim Whalen

The story behind The EVENT started with a simple ‘what if’. As leaders in their respective MPI Chapters (Montreal/Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto), Marie-France, Ryan and Tim began discussions about a new joint initiative seeing an educational gap between what each chapter was providing.  They agreed that if they pooled volunteers sand resources, they could offer a multi-chapter regional event that moved locations each year. This is a true story about designing an exception shared experience!

Session: The Power of WE
Presenters: Marc & Craig Kielburger

The Kielburgers evolved a single day WE DAY event into an annual series of 19 filled stadiums across Canada, the U.S., the UK and Caribbean where tickets aren’t sold, they’re earned. WE Day supports an international social enterprise committed to empowering young people.

With all this tremendous Canadian content (and more), never have I been prouder to be Canadian. Learning through sharing is my favourite form of professional development. I hope that you too will be able to be a part of MPI WEC when it comes to Toronto this June. If you are not yet registered or would like to learn more about how you can partake, feel free to drop me a line or check out for more information on MPI WEC19.

Sandra Moniz, CMP, CMM     
MPI WEC19 Education Committee Chair



MPI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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