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Hope and kindness: my value system in this evolving world

By: Susan Prophet, HMCC | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | May 13, 2022

My hope is certain, confident and enduring through all seasons. My hope dictates my circumstances. My hope has kept me afloat and sustains me through the tough times. It keeps me even keeled as the (world) boat tosses in the unknown sea of change.

Our industry is so vibrant, exciting and exhilarating. We create events, we create dreams, we ignite and inspire people as we bring them together. We’ve seen short downturns before, such as the events of 2003 and 2008 but not as long as this. I believe there is always a silver lining, we just need to look for it.  

In reflection, I feel people have changed. When this first happened, and everything was in lockdown mode, it was peaceful; the sky was bluer, the streets near my house had parents playing outside with their children and family dinners resumed, where everyone had to chip in to cook. Meaningful relationships were formed that may not have been explored before. There were also difficulties and heartache that comes when you are not able to be with family or loved ones and worst of all, not able to mourn properly. I too know that sorrow.

When we needed to connect from home to continue working, our industry high-tech partners saw us through. We zoomed, we facetimed, and virtual became our reality but we found a way to connect as a vital part of our human life. We absolutely need to connect.

Our industry banded together, one supporting another, with amazing initiatives to help people on so many levels - from mental health to job insecurity and support.  Such positive outcomes continue to renew my faith in our industry as we get through the tough times.

Now as we return to face to face…

My hope as the world resumes to its busy times and as the flood gates have opened on all of us, that we don’t forget to be kind to the people that make up our industry. From those we serve to those who serve us, my golden rule is to treat others as you wish to be treated. Let us remember to be patient, smile, and say a kind word. Be thankful, grateful, compassionate, and generous. Patience is a virtue, and we need to educate our clients to understand the situation; it is not a light switch that can be turned on and off. There needs to be empathy within one of the hardest hit industries and its people.

Let us thrive again as an industry but let us not forget the lessons we learned and the time we had to reflect on our lives. As we return to our fast-paced worlds, let us continue to be gracious, kind, patient, and have empathy for others.

My hope brings certainty and dictates my circumstances. I have a vision of grace for this world and for the future - it is to love one another, be kind and we will thrive.

Let’s do this together!

About the Author:
S prophet
Susan Prophet, HMCC
Director of Business Development with Quebec City Business Destination



S prophet
Susan Prophet, HMCC | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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