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Job seekers are in the driver’s seat

By: Erinn Young, HVED | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Jun 22, 2022

As the city, province, and country re-open, employees furloughed due to the pandemic have moved on to other opportunities, leaving a staff shortage. Jobs are being posted at a rapid pace and employers are eager to hire. But should you take the first offer? How do you navigate all the potential opportunities?

I spoke with Chapter members who secured a new job during the pandemic, including myself, and we connected about their journey, struggles, wins, and mental health. Here are some things to think about to help you on your new journey.

Make a list

Make a list of your skills, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  What would give you purpose and fulfillment?  What do you want to learn?  What company culture do you want to be a part of?  What else is important to you? This will assist you in narrowing down what you want and help to evaluate opportunities.

Job descriptions are typically a wish list of skills and attributes that collectively would be “nice to have”.  Most applicants can’t check off ALL the boxes. So don’t disregard the opportunity if you think you miss a skill or two. You might bring something else to the job and gain experience in that skill you didn’t have.  In your cover letter, highlight the strengths you will bring.


If you know what job or sector of industry interests you, research companies that offer this type of job. Reach out to engage in a casual chat and evaluate if it is right, based on the list you made (see above), or what skills you might need to work on. You might discover what you assumed about employment in that industry may not really be what you are truly looking for.   


Connecting with others and building your network takes time; however, it is so rewarding. Find like-minded people; join an association and connect with former professors or students. You will find support and guidance and will be able to bounce around ideas while staying connected to the industry. Your inside advantage could be learning of a job before it is posted or being referred. Let others know you are looking for a new opportunity and update your social media profiles to indicate you are “open for work.”

What’s next?

What if you have no idea what’s next? It is okay to take time to soul search. This could be a great time to volunteer or intern to see if the type of job is for you. Maybe start a side hustle that you never had enough time to give your full attention to before. When the timing is right and the opportunity is right, it will align for you.

Mental health

Your mental health will be tested. You might be searching casually or be making it your full-time priority and it could be a short time or a year before you succeed but, through the process, you will hit highs and lows. You can rebound from receiving one rejection letter/email/call, but might you be able to shake off potential multiple rejections? Put together a support system that works for you. Maybe a friend or colleague, or a hobby such as exercise, reading, blogging or all the above.

We are a supportive community and by sharing/blogging this, I hope it can help even if just one person.

Good luck on your next chapter!

About the Author:
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Erinn Young, HVED
Conference and Event Services Manager
Ontario Bar Association



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Erinn Young, HVED | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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