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Meet the GMID Dream Team


By: MPI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter | Mar 21, 2018

Led by Chair, Christina Northcott & President Elect, Tammy Bradley, the 2018 GMID Committee is busy planning an event that brings together the best of the best in our industry. Hosted at the Globe & Mail Centre, GMID is a must attend event this Spring – avoid a serious case of FOMO and register today

Introducing the GMID Committee and their response to the question “what do events mean to me?”:

“Events are ways to connect with people on a personal and professional level with the shared outcome of educational lessons and/or celebrations of success!” 
Tammy Bradley, CMP,HMCC,BAA, Senior Account Executive,  AV-CANADA @TammyTheAVgirl

“For me, events means bringing together a group of people to provide them with an opportunity to work together, see those they may not typically have a chance to connect with in person and to make that experience a memorable one.”
Antonietta Tantalo, Manager, Events & Employee Experience, TD Bank @APTantalo

“Live encounters build and strengthen our connections and communities. Face-to-face we celebrate our triumphs and share our challenges in a way that can’t help but remind each other we are all just people working together for a common goal."
Natasha Mytnowych, Managing Director, The Globe and Mail Centre @natashaglobectr

“For me, events mean a gathering that fosters collaboration and accomplishes a shared goal.”
Ioanna Antonopoulos, Sales Manager, Experience Old Montreal

“For me events provide the ultimate opportunity to connect and share but they are also a demonstration of accomplishment for the client as well as the industry professional who is behind the scenes. Events happen for a number of reasons including education, an announcement, a celebration, plus more! Any of the reasons usually lead to personal and professional growth. I’m very fortunate that I can be involved in an industry that operates in such capacity.”
Christina Northcott, CMP, Manager, Conferences and Events, Communications, Canada Health Infoway @c_northcott

“For me meetings and events are an opportunity to spark innovation and creativity. It’s a time to exchange thoughts and ideas with diverse people. It’s also a way to step out of your usual environment and experience a new venue that can open your mind and inspire.”
Jennifer Pelletier, Senior Coordinator, Events, Parks and Recreation Ontario

“To me, if pictures are worth a thousand words, then events are worth a million! They tell a story, inspire, and bring people together.”
Amanda Banh, Student, Event Management Post-Graduate Program, Humber College

“For me, events are a way of life both socially and professionally. I love the challenge of carefully planning, executing, and evaluating an event to reach an end goal. Like a puzzle, each aspect of the event must fit together neatly through cooperation, strategy, and perseverance.” 
Diandra Sandoval, Events and Marketing Specialist @DiandraSandoval

“For me, it’s a passion for creating unique and memorable experiences at every event.”
Kiran Balladin, Project Manager, ICSC @kb106

Stay tuned for GMID program details @MPIToronto  #GMID18 #GMID2018TO


MPI Toronto Chapter Board of Directors | Published by MPI Toronto Chapter

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