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Why Being a Mom Makes Me a Better Leader at Work

By: MPI Toronto | Dec 3, 2019

As a business owner and mother of two, I am often asked how I manage to run a corporation and be there for my family at the same time. To be honest, I sometimes wonder the same thing.

I nurtured Redstone Agency Inc. and my second child at the same time, starting the business while on my maternity leave. Bottles, diapers, conference calls and client meetings all melded into one in what was the most intense and gratifying year thus far.

Since starting Redstone in 2015, Carly, CEO and my close friend, and I have grown our company exponentially, and my husband and I are raising two wonderful children.

We still have a long way to go, but, looking back, I have found that being a successful business owner and mom can be the perfect combination. In fact, the unique skills that it takes to run a company are the same that are needed to be a good mom.

So, what are these essential qualities?

The first is resilience. In a leadership position, be it president of a company or mother of two, you get to see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly side of everything. Being able to accept anything that comes your way and find a way to move forward with an open mind is essential. Embracing the difficulties and finding creative ways to solve them make us stronger. Be it a creative costume for school or a pitch to a new donor, no challenge is too large if you’re armed with the right mindset.

Next comes gratitude. This is a big one that plays a role in all parts of my life. It can be so easy to get swept up in the business of everyday. But, what people remember and hold on to is how we make them feel. Sometimes, it is less about what we do and more about how we do it that has a lasting impact. By demonstrating gratitude at home and in the workplace, we affect our clients, colleagues and our family members. What comes out of those good feelings are great results.

Moving on to accountability. Taking responsibility and owning up to mistakes is, in my opinion, a great strength. No one is perfect, and knowing how and when to course-correct can make all the difference. Holding ourselves accountable reminds those around us that we are all human, that we all make mistakes, and by owning up to them, we are more likely to take steps to avoid repeating them in the future.

The last quality is a simple one: showing up. Although it sounds easy, sometimes this requires putting my own needs aside to be there, be it for a client, a team member, or my family. This last one really makes a world of difference, because, what matters at the end of the day are the moments shared together.

I recognize that as a business owner and mom, what I do matters. That is why I try to be mindful in my actions and words to set a positive example for the expectations and behaviours of all those around me – both in business and at home.

About the Author:


Bailey is the President and co-founder of Redstone Agency. An established and regarded industry leader and mentor, Bailey started Redstone with the motivation to bring for-profit knowledge and efficiencies to as many associations and NPOs as possible. With years of experience developing management and cost-saving practices and guiding the strategic direction of many organizations, Bailey knows how to bring out the best in her teams and clients to help them achieve their goals. Want to know more? Follow Bailey @baileykoproth or send an email to bailey@redstoneagency.ca



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