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Five Star Program

Each day MPI Toronto Chapter members put on one of their many hats and tirelessly volunteer their time towards leading the chapter. MPI Toronto Chapter volunteers exemplify the strong support and participation needed to help the chapter and industry grow and succeed.

The 5 Star Program is based on the 5 points of a star. Volunteer recognition points are as follows:

  • Commitment/Dedication – a reliable, self-motivated person who contributes to the committee through feedback and taking on tasks
  • Team Player – a person who respects others and their opinions, someone who asks questions and is a good listener
  • Passionate – a positive, passionate person who is enthusiastic about MPI
  • Accountability – a prepared person who keeps the lines of communication open at all times and does what they say they will do
  • Time Availability/Attendance – a dependable person who is committed to MPI’s values and the association by attending/contributing to committee meetings and MPI activities. 

Each committee nominates one of their volunteers for the 5 Star Award.


Past Five Star Award Recipients

2021-2022 Recipients:

Awards Gala – Nelya Abramovich
Communications – Pat Cluett
Global Meetings Industry Day – Anthony Moreino
Holiday Gala – Chris Dingley
Just Networking – Angela Poletto
Leadership Selection – Les Selby, CMP, CMM
Marketing – Nathalie Fauteux
Membership – Nathan Lee
Professional Development – Joanna Blachut, CTSM
Strategic Partnerships – Dave Crainford
The EVENT – Zeny Red, CMP, DES

2019-2020 Recipients:

Awards Gala – Jessica Toro
Communications – Leah Weselowski
Global Meetings Industry Day – Erinn Young
Holiday Gala – Erica Orecchio
Leadership Selection – Susan Prophet
Marketing – Shannon Byck, CMP
Membership – Larissa Ramiro
Professional Development – Susan Prophet
Strategic Partnerships – Jennifer Pitt, CMP
The EVENT – Zeny Red, CMP

2017-2018 Recipients:

Awards Gala - Justine Moller
CMP Study Group - Jen Moir, CMP
Communications - Caitlin Burgess, CMP
Global Meetings Industry Day - Antonietta Tantalo
Holiday Gala - Kalinda Jessett
Leadership Development - Brenda Carter, CMP, CMM
Membership - Vincent Murphy
Professional Development - Sanjeev Jadhav



2020-2021 Recipients:

Awards Gala – Leanne McCartney
CMP Study Group – Shanondoah Nicholson, CMP
Communications – Leah Weselowski
Global Meetings Industry Day – Norella Rubin, CMP, VEMM
Holiday Gala – Erica Orecchio, DES
Just Networking – Mandy Moon
Leadership Selection – Les Selby, CMP, CMM
Marketing – Noreen Esson, VEMM
Membership – Brenda Perrin
Professional Development – Annie Chen
Strategic Partnerships – Komal Sanghvi
The EVENT – Geoff Mak, CEM, CMP

2018-2019 Recipients:

Awards Gala - Ashley Plume
CMP Study Group - Bobbi Hoffman, CMP, CMM
Communications - Zaman Ishaad, CED
Global Meetings Industry Day - Moriah Bacus, CAPM
Holiday Gala - Erica Orecchio, DES
Leadership Development - Marcelo D'Oliveira
Membership - Kiran Balladin
Professional Development - Emily Dietrich
Marketing - Ioanna Antonopoulos, CPA, CA
the EVENT - Natalie Ciarallo, CMP

2016-2017 Recipients:

Awards Gala - Caleigh Perks
CMP Study Group - Amy Duffy, CMP
Communications - Diane Julien
Global Meetings Industry Day - Lynn Miedzik
Holiday Gala - Katrina McKnight
Membership - Darryl Foster
Toronto Education Committee - Mary Sistilli



2015-2016 Recipients:

Awards Gala - Johanna Sharpe
Communications - Carly Silberstein
Global Meetings Industry Day - Amy Tough, CMP-HC
Golf - Rodney Hubenig
Holiday Gala - Lyne Montpetit, CMP
Membership - Christina Northcott, CMP
Professional Development - Kiran Balladin
Signature Series - Erin Reid
Toronto Education Conference - Tiffany Gilmore, CMP



2014-2015 Recipients:

Membership - Ellen Ettinger
TEC - Helen Frank
NMID - Tiffany Gilmore
Signature Series - Claire Kurek
Golf - Kevin Parker
Communications - Lindsey Press
Professional Development- Quentin Stossel
Awards - Elise Taylor
Holiday Gala - Lina Thompson
CMP Study Group - Shannon Valeriote, CMP



2013-2014 Recipients:

Membership  -  Natalie Cirallo
TEC - Kristi Contini
Signature Series -  Cheryl Gateman
Holiday Gala - Helena Gomes
Awards - May Holmes, CMP
NMID - Danyelle MacCulloch
Sponsorship - Tamer Mecky
Volunteer Leadership Summit - Karen O’Conner
Professional Development - Michelle Posner, CMM
ECOS - Lindsay Press
Communications - Sharda Sukdeo, CMP
CMP Study Group - Shannon Valeriote, CMP

5 Star Education Award

The purpose of the 5 Star Education Award is to recognize an individual member who has demonstrated exceptional volunteerism to the MPI Toronto community. Criteria includes:

  • chapter volunteer contributions
  • leadership
  • commitment and dedication. 

5 Star Education Award Recipients:

Nathan Lee

Noreen Esson, Vemm

Jessica Toro

Natalie Ciarallo, CMP

2017 - 2018
Sheila Wong

SOAR Scholarship Award 2015 - 2017

The purpose of the SOAR Scholarship Program is to recognize an individual MPI Canada Chapter member who has demonstrated exceptional volunteerism to their MPI community. One MPI volunteer member will receive a SOAR Scholarship for each MPI Canada Chapter, on an annual basis. Scholarship recipients will be selected by local chapter boards. Scholarship criteria will be developed by MPI Foundation, and administered by MPI Canada Chapters. Candidates are chapter members in good standing. Criteria includes:

  • chapter volunteer contributions
  • leadership
  • commitment and dedication. 

Past SOAR Scholarship Recipients:

Diane Julien

2015 - 2016
Christina Northcott, CMP

2014 - 2015
Shannon Valeriote, CMP


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